Beyond London: More Great Destinations in England

by Jennifer Ranking
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Diego Torres Portsmouth Pixabay

The United Kingdom, including England, is a beautiful place to visit for an unforgettable holiday. The best thing about this wondrous island is the diversity from area to area; no two destinations are the same. Whether you’re after peaceful tranquility or action-packed adventures, the UK offers something for everyone. Although London is a fabulous, world-renowned city, it can sometimes be overwhelming. The fast-paced lifestyle of Londoners is great if you can keep up. So, what are the alternatives to London when you’re visiting the UK? Read on for our best picks of more great destinations in England.


Cornwall is a popular holiday spot for tourists and locals alike. It’s part of the famous West Country, an area in England made up of counties who have spectacular landscapes and impressive beaches. In this part of the country, you’ll find a range of activities perfect for all the family – from surfing the waves on the stunning shores to challenging walking routes weaving through the hills.

Cornwall, England (Photo Diego Torres/Pixabay)


This city is often referred to as the next best thing to London. Manchester has undergone millions of pounds worth of redevelopment in the past ten years, transforming it into a better place to visit and live. It’s got a range of interesting museums and art galleries to explore, as well as other landmarks worth visiting. It’s home to some of the world’s best musicians making it the perfect place to visit for any music fans.


(Photo courtesy of Visit Manchester/Rich J. Jones)


Brighton is a wonderful destination for couples and families alike. It’s a quintessentially British seaside town which draws in thousands of visitors every year, many of whom end up staying longer on a UK Visa, which has given it its rich and diverse culture. This town is widely known for its flamboyant art scene and vibrantly decorated streets. It’s also the perfect place for families, with the iconic Brighton Palace Pier forming the foundation of this tourist hotspot.

brighton beach great destinations in england

(Photo Darren Coleshill/Unsplash)


If you want to explore a city brimming with history and culture, then Bath is an ideal choice. It’s famous for its namesake, the Roman-era bathing pools which includes the grand bath itself, statues and a temple. For this reason alone, thousands of tourists visit the city each year. However, Bath has lots more to offer including its wonderful excursions to the Stonehenge, Somerset and Longleat Park.

Bath, England (Photo Lositlady/Pixabay)


Portsmouth, much like Brighton and Cornwall, is a popular destination for locals to flock to when the weather turns warmer. There are two parts to Portsmouth; the old town and the new town. The ‘old’ town has the beach, shops, arcades and even a fun fair – ideal for the kids. The newer part of the town includes a huge shopping center with designer outlet shops, as well as restaurants with a water view looking out onto the marina.


Portsmouth, England


For a city mostly famed for its elite universities, there is a surprising amount to do and see in Oxford. To start, there are charming cobbled streets oozing history, ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about history of England. There are also many independent cafés to enjoy a coffee in while you look out onto the beautiful canals. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, then why not rent a bike and cycle around the city? That way you can experience all its secret treasures and find something new.

Oxford (Photo David Jakab/Pexels)

Great Destinations in England: Where Will You Visit Next?

England has so many wonderful destinations to discover outside of the classic London city. If you’re visiting during the summer, then there’s nowhere better to be than Cornwall, enjoying the beautiful ocean views while tucking into a Cornish pasty. Similarly, if you’re every visiting during the winter, then Manchester is the perfect Christmas holiday location. Wherever you go in England, once you see what’s on offer, you’re sure to want to visit again and again.

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