Tour Cuba by Motorcycle with Christopher Baker

Two decades ago I shipped my BMW R100GS motorcycle overnight from Key West to Cuba for a three-month-long, 7,000-mile exploration as a professional journalist. Come dawn, I leaned against the rail with the wind whipping my hair and watched Havana emerge from the sea. An imposing castle loomed over the harbor entrance, guarding the waters where great galleons had gathered, laden with treasure en-route to Spain. As we slipped into the harbor channel, I felt sensations of adventure and promise. Only 90 miles separate Key West from Havana, yet in many ways the Florida Straits has been the widest moat in the world. While I spent the ensuing years savoring this remarkable country, Uncle Sam barred ordinary U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba. Then, in 2011, President Obama created a new educational license category to permit “people-to-people contact.” The licenses were issued solely to organizations—not individuals—for group travel. In April 2016, the “people-to-people” license was extended to individuals, effectively ending the travel ban. Cuba, the Forbidden Fruit Cuba has since become U.S. travelers’ destination du jour. In high season this year, the place was jam-packed with yanqui visitors making the most of the heretofore forbidden fruit. Cruise ships had finally descended, … Continue reading Tour Cuba by Motorcycle with Christopher Baker