San Jose del Cabo: A Perfect Winter Vacation

by Becky Breshears
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San Jose del Cabo

Quiet, calm, warm, blue skies everyday…the epitome of relaxation is where many folks want to spend their time and why Mexico’s Baja Peninsula and San Jose del Cabo is the perfect spot for a winter vacation. To me, there really is no place better to spend a few weeks to escape those cold winter months of the year in the U.S. While there are some tours and adventures available, there is also ample time for relaxation, warmth, sunbathing and just generally kicking back and taking some time off from the cold winter.

The Baja Peninsula, from the Pacific side, with the Arch of Cabo San Lucas (Photo Becky Breshears)

The natural beauty of the Baja Peninsula

Warm and Sunshine in the Baja Peninsula

San Jose del Cabo

Endless beaches of San Jose del Cabo

The old historic town of San Jose del Cabo near the popular Cabo San Lucas is a great haven to visit. Once winter arrives, warmth and sunshine are what draw people to a location like San Jose del Cabo. The Baja peninsula of Mexico is a sure bet for both good weather and mild temperatures. With highs in the mid-70’s on average, and sunshine almost every day of the year, one cannot pick a better location than Cabo for the weather.

Sunbathing and happy hours abound at nearly every resort. Whether you’re looking for time to read, time to write, or just time to unwind from life, the beaches here are long and glorious. One can stroll for several miles up and down the beach. While there are warnings about undertows for swimmers, the beaches stretch for miles and are largely uninhabited. Pack some water and a picnic and go for a walk. Stop when you’re tired and have your picnic meal, then meander back to your resort! The endless walks are a highlight of any beach experience.


Spa Time in San Jose del Cabo

Tropicana Inn Spa (Photo Becky Breshears)

While not necessarily known for their spas, San Jose del Cabo has a few worth visiting. From the high-end Vidanta Los Cabos Spa at the newly remodeled former Mayan Palace, to the small intimate experience at the Tropicana Inn in downtown San Jose del Cabo, you can find relaxing experiences at all levels and price points.

Rosie at Seven Zences (in Room 111 in the Tropicana Inn) does a fantastic job and their specials are a worthwhile option combining two or more services. She is very responsive online and easy to schedule with, too! For those who want a drop-in experience, there are three similar experiences awaiting you on the Paseo Malecon San Jose (Hotel Zone)—all in the same block. For $40 you can get a one-hour massage of your choice at any of these locations; all worthwhile.

San Jose del Cabo

Seven Zences Spa (Photo by Becky Breshears)

Farm-to-Table Dining Options

The farm-to-table experiences in the area have been increasingly better each year. If you are interested in visiting a working farm practicing sustainability, try Flora Farms. Here, you can schedule a tour of the farm and someone will guide you around the property helping one to understand how and why these practices have been started and are so popular. Not inexpensive, they are still worthy of a visit. They specialize in making cocktails and dinners based on what’s in season and sustainably sourced. You will not be disappointed although your wallet may be a little thinner than some places.



Peacocks visit customers at Acre Bar (Photo Becky Breshears)

For another farm-to-table dinner and cocktails, or an overnight stay in a tree house hotel room, don’t miss Acre just down the street from Flora Farms. The chef is amazing and the drinks absolutely over the top. Peacocks roam through the bar and are in themselves worth the stop. Again, this option is not inexpensive—but the tree house rooms have a view just over the trees. They look very inviting for a cozy romantic stay with an amazing view.

Both Acre and Flora Farms offer event services for weddings, anniversaries and parties of all sorts so do check them out if you want some of the best farm-to-table dining in the area.

San Jose del Cabo)

Acre Bar is a great place for dinner, cocktails and just relaxing (Photo Becky Breshears)

San Jose del Cabo’s Casual Dining

(Photo Becky Breshears)

San Jose del Cabo offers a laid back lifestyle while in the area, with many options for casual dining.

The best tacos anywhere are found at Claro Fish Jr. on Calle Boulevard Antonio Mijares. Try their fish or shrimp tacos with flour tortillas. (Corn are good as well.) And add those toppings from the bar in the center of the restaurant to your liking—so good! We go there often every time we visit the area. It’s just down the main street from the old historic center. Be prepared to pay cash; you never know if they are accepting credit cards or not. You will never have better tacos no matter how far and wide you look!

San Jose del Cabo

Claro’s Fish Jr. (Photo Becky Breshears)

Just across the street is another dinner favorite, Habanero’s Gastro Grill.  They have great specials and the food is always delicious.  Many a special event are celebrated on the patio at this lovely place.  Be sure to stop in and give it a try.


Enjoy the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

And speaking of the old historic center of San Jose del Cabo; if you visit between November and June, don’t miss the Art Walk on Thursday evenings from 5 pm until 9 pm. The downtown art galleries are open and street artists and vendors crowd into the square in the center to sell their art.

The food vendors are amazing—be sure to try the tamales! Or, for a sit-down meal any of the restaurants are excellent choices. There’s the greatest new tequila shop that just opened that’s a couple of blocks off the square where they offer free tequila tastings. They carry literally hundreds of brands of tequila. Many of them better than you can purchase anywhere else in the world. Tequila is a highlight of Mexico—so give them a try, f you’re so inclined.

 San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

The San Jose del Cabo Art Walk (Photo by Becky Breshears)

Sunrises Worth Getting Up Early For

Did I mention the beautiful sunrises in San Jose del Cabo? It is worth getting up early in the morning. Get outside at least 30 minutes before sunrise, to see the variety of colors that appear every single day over the Sea of Cortez.

Every day is a different experience. It’s so quiet and peaceful to be out on the beach or on your deck with a view of that first hint of light in the sky as the earth slowly rotates making the sun appear in the east for the dawn of a new day.

Once the sun crests the horizon line, it is always amazing just how quickly it appears to rise in the sky. Don’t forget to look for the moon which is frequently still to be seen just before sunrise. Truly amazing views await those who can manage to rise early even while on vacation!

San Jose del Cabo

Sunrise in San Jose del Cabo (Photo by Becky Breshears)

San Jose del Cabo, Winter Rest and Relaxation

San Jose del Cabo is one of those special places where the tourists have not yet spoiled the authenticity of the town. The place is booming. But for now, there is a still a special place in San Jose del Cabo for anyone looking for some rest and relaxation for their winter beach vacation!

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