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    Dishes for a Modern Passover Seder Dinner

    The Passover Seder is a Jewish family tradition steeped in tradition. There are many fine points that must be followed for your Seder. But when it comes to choosing the dishes to be served, there is room to update some of your dishes to create a more modern Passover Seder. We will bring you some modern takes on classic Passover dishes. Try ...

    On March 22, 2021 / By
  • coffee around the world Turkish coffee
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    How to Enjoy Coffee Around the World

    Coffee has been such a hit to the human race that it’s made it to every single continent on the planet. Yes, even scientists in Antarctica like to enjoy a cup of coffee. But that doesn’t mean we all enjoy coffee the same way, or that it means the same to you as it does to someone from the Ethiopia, Japan, or ...

    On February 22, 2021 / By
  • the Burton
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    The Burton: A Historic Tavern in Allegany, New York

    What pops into your head when you think of a favorite tavern, pub, or corner bar? Corner bars are iconic to American culture. Nearly every small town has at least one favorite tavern or pub that draws the wayward and calls the wanderer home. In Allegany, New York, that place is The Burton. The Village of Allegany is sixty-three miles south of ...

    On February 15, 2021 / By
  • sipping tequilas
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    An Introduction to Sipping Tequilas

    Who doesn’t love a good tequila sunrise or margarita? But the beauty of tequila is that it doesn’t have to be limited to mixed drinks to be enjoyed. If you dig just a little into the world of this delicious liquor, you’ll find dozens of sipping tequilas carefully crafted with nuanced flavors. Here are nine of our absolute favorite sipping tequilas. Tequila ...

    On February 8, 2021 / By
  • save money on food while traveling
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    How to Save Money on Food While Traveling Abroad

    Mark Twain once wrote that travel is fatal to prejudice. But for all its benefits, it does drain your wallet. One of the priciest expenses you face on the road is going out to eat. You want to enjoy all the rich cuisines the world has to offer, but not every meal has to require reservations at a five-star restaurant. Here’s how ...

    On January 20, 2021 / By

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5 Easy Bourbon and Wine Cocktails

Crafting a delectable drink is no easy task. To achieve the ultimate taste, focus more on the ingredients you use. For instance, combining the right bourbon with the ...

On April 22, 2020 / By

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Safeguard Your Good Night’s Sleep While Working From Home

Telecommuting has been around for decades and dates back to the 1980’s when tech giant IBM installed “remote terminals” in the homes of many employees. However, the COVID-19 ...

On April 1, 2021 / By