Warm and Stylish Cold Weather Fashion

by Tess DiNapoli
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cold weather fashion

There’s something to be said about winters; breathing in the chilly air and bundling up with your loved ones. But more importantly, there’s no enjoyment in winter when you’re not comfortable and warm. That can only happen when you have the right clothes. For fashion-forward individuals, there’s the challenge of finding warm and stylish cold weather fashion.

The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and fortunately, there are many options when you want to be stylish this winter. Protect yourself against the biting cold while making a bold style statement when you have these fashion-forward options for the colder months.

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Sophisticated Outerwear

Whether you’re investing in chic jackets that protect you against chilly weather or heavier overcoats made for snow, outwear is a crucial element you can’t miss out on. You need to look for a stylish coat, but it needs to be functional enough to stand the bitter cold and chilly winds.

Long, tailored wool coats are ideal when you’re looking for excellent insulation with a touch of timeless elegance. If you prefer a contemporary look that is better for casual occasions, think about investing in a good-quality puffer jacket. These have quickly become staples for those who are fond of street style and want something that can be easily thrown over any outfit.

If you prefer a more sophisticated and old-money look, consider faux fur coats. They are a cruelty-free alternative that provides both warmth and luxury. A faux fur-lined parka or coat is perfect for making a bold statement. A trench coat is another option that is both timeless and versatile for any outfit.

Thermal Layers

Staying warm is essential in winter when you want to stay healthy and comfortable. You’ll find a lot of options for layering in cold-weather destinations, and the most crucial is thermal layers. If you’re traveling or otherwise, you need to know how to layer. If you have the budget, think about investing in wool base layers. These underlayers will help retain body heat and make for the perfect base layer under cardigans and sweaters.

Consider taking it a notch above by investing in a variety of sweaters in different patterns and textures to layer over these layers. Cable-knit sweaters, turtlenecks, and cashmere pullovers are timeless classics that will last a long time and always remain fashionable. Think about buying these in contrasting lengths and textures to create visual interest when you do end up layering. For example, a turtleneck thermal layer underneath a cardigan will provide both warmth and style in cold-weather destinations.

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Statement Accessories

It goes without saying that cold-weather outfits need to be extremely functional to help you stay warm, but how can you elevate them to be functional and stylish? Accessories play the main role in elevating any basic outfit to a fashionable outfit. Whether it’s a colorful and bold beanie or a classic tartan scarf, there are an infinite number of possibilities. Some accessories you should consider buying include:

  • Infinity scarf
  • Rectangular/long wool scarf (in a classic print like tartan or plaid)
  • Beanie
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Normal gloves (preferably in faux leather, fur-trimmed, or high-quality wool)
  • Statement bag (something that can be easily carried every day)

These are just some accessories that can help you enhance your winter wardrobe from basic to fashion-forward. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect statement bag, consider going for a backpack that can be easily carried during the colder months instead.

Comfortable Footwear

No one likes having cold feet when you’re out. Not only does it make you uncomfortable, but it’s one of the easiest ways to catch a cold too. Investing in socks that provide both insulation and comfort is essential for this season.

Over-the-knee boots are ideal for providing both warmth and to pair with skirts, dresses, and skinny jeans. On the other hand, for a casual and street-style look, buy ankle boots that complement straight and baggy jeans along with dresses. You can look for faux-fur lining and shearling accents to elevate your traditional ankle boots to be more stylish.

Emphasizing Coordinating Colors

Cold-weather destinations are an opportunity to truly understand what your cold weather fashion style is and how you can show it off. It’s easier in the summer and autumn months to be stylish, as layering doesn’t play an important role. But it gets immensely hard during winter to stand out amongst the crowd and even harder to show off what your personal style is.

This is also a time when you can embrace classic styles and colors. Think about opting for ‘traditional’ winter colors like burgundy, emerald, forest green, navy blues, mauve, and wine reds. These can be paired in unexpected color combinations to make your outfit stand out (jewel tones with earthy neutrals).

Winter is also a time when you definitely shouldn’t play it safe with patterns and textures. Mix patterns like plaid, houndstooth, or fair isle to create visual interest. Ensure that there is a consistent color that combines your whole outfit together, but don’t be afraid to experiment, either. Balance bold patterns with solid neutrals to avoid an overwhelming look.

cold weather fashion

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Embrace Your Cold Weather Fashion Style

Embracing winter while being fashion-forward isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do in the world. But it doesn’t have to be daunting. When you have a good idea of what kind of aesthetic you’re going for, it’s easy to create a mood board. Create a mood board that has all the outfit inspirations for the cold season, and make sure to include timeless staples that will last you for years.

As the temperature drops, let your wardrobe show off your personality and personal style. Don’t let winter be the reason that you’re not turning heads and inspiring confidence everywhere you go!

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