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by Julia Nikolaus
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Many people choose to travel and pack solely with practicality in mind, sacrificing style for comfort. But who says it has to be one over the other? With the right packing, you can bring along travel clothes that have the comfortable ease of your broken-in sweatpants while still looking uber-stylish in all of your travel photos. Keep reading to learn how to travel like a fashionista on your next vacay.

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Pay Attention to Fabric

One of the main reasons we love comfortable clothing is the fabric. Think about your favorite piece. It’s probably soft to the touch, and feels even better when you wear it. Much like choosing those pieces, fabric selection is key to traveling like a fashionista. You always want to go for soft and comfortable clothing that’s breathable for temperature changes during your travels. No one wants clothing that’s too clingy, hot, or, even worse – wrinkles the second you sit down. In addition to being uncomfortable, the wrong fabrics will have a serious effect on your style. By paying attention to the fabrics you’re wearing, you’ll ensure that you’re stylishly cozy at each stage of your trip.

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In an attempt to be fashionable, many travelers tend to overpack. While it’s true that you have some amazing clothing in your wardrobe worth showing off, you can still achieve a fashionable look just by accessorizing. Dress up a basic t-shirt with jewelry like a necklace or earrings. Stay warm and show some unexpected style on a chilly plane with a colorful, printed scarf. Rather than taking up precious bag space with extra clothing, spend some time choosing accessories for your travel clothes. It’ll provide you with endless opportunities for changing up even the simplest of outfits!

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Quality Over Quantity

It may seem like you’re going to need all of your pants, shirts, and dresses, but we promise you’ll be just fine if you leave most of them at home. Consider your trip’s itinerary and weather, and plan from there – no “just in case” items. Generally, you’ll need a few boutique tops, a couple pairs of bottoms, and lightweight outerwear.

Sticking to neutrals or simple prints and patterns like stripes, florals, or camo clothing is always a good idea, as is packing for your unique destination (like the city, beach, or mountains). This will ensure that you can easily mix and match pieces, giving you more versatility and wardrobe pairings while traveling without packing extra items.

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Layer Your Travel Clothes

Your secret to always looking like a fashionista when you travel? Layering! Temperatures on planes can vary greatly. One minute you’re comfortable, and the next you’re feeling like it’s the middle of winter (even when it’s not.) Light layers like a tee paired with a vibrant scarf and a super-cozy cardigan or shawl look effortlessly stylish and will keep you warm as the temps drop.

Utilize layers with the outfits you’ll be wearing during your trip, too. Playing around with fabrics, textures, and lines gives you the opportunity to express your unique personal style. Those layers will also keep you fashionably comfortable for cool mornings, and the warm, sunny afternoons that follow.

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Choose the Right Shoes

The easiest way to travel like a fashionista is by taking care of what you need in your suitcase, which starts with shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit. But before you pack a pair of shoes for every outfit, remember that you don’t want to take up too much bag space or be weighed down by heavy shoes. You want shoes that are lightweight, comfortable for long travel days, and stylish. Some great options include ballet flats, fashion sneakers, or sandals. These shoes will leave you comfortable and chic, even if you’re heading through airport security. Make sure you keep your destination’s weather and your itinerary in mind. You can definitely leave the sandals at home if rain and snow are on the horizon!

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Invest in a Good Bag

This applies to both your carry-on and the one you’ll be carrying around your travel destination. While a bag may seem like the last thing that’ll impact your travel fashionista status, it’s more important than you’d think. Like shoes, it can change the look and feel of your entire outfit. For your carry-on, choose something roomy enough to fit your travel essentials, but not so large that it overwhelms you, like a tote or backpack. Petite choices like crossbody bags and belt bags keep your bag close as you traverse the city and have plenty of space for must-haves like your phone, wallet or passport, and lip balm.

While you don’t want to stray too far from your daily style, you want your bag to go with your entire travel ensemble. Embrace the understated style that comes with simplicity.

Your Travel Clothes: Travel in Style

There’s no denying the immense comfort that wearing your worn-in clothes brings while traveling. But sometimes, you want to look like a put-together fashionista, too! It doesn’t have to be difficult or come at the expense of comfort. Just a few simple tweaks and you’ll be traveling in style wherever you go.

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