Travel 101: Essential Suitcase Packing Tips

by Paul Norton
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suitcase packing tips

Packing for a holiday is a pivotal endeavor, but it sometimes gets stressful. For instance, you might be tempted to pack too much, only to end up getting disorganized and weighed down with heavy luggage. You might forget an essential item while packing, leaving you disappointed and scrambling to locate the nearby store in your destination. We’re going to help you solve the dilemma of staring at a heap of garments, toiletries and accessories and wondering what you should stow first. We’ll show you what you can do to whittle everything down and fit it in your suitcase. Check these ten essential suitcase packing tips that will make it easier to pack everything regardless of the trip you’re planning.

suitcase packing tips

Start with a Packing List

Having a comprehensive packing list gives you peace of mind and ensures you cover every essential thing you will be using at your destination. You start by making a master list then edit it slightly to suit your trip, such as the summer beach holiday or weekend city break. A packing list helps you get organized, especially during the few nerve-racking days before the trip begins.

Understand Your Luggage Restrictions

This sounds obvious, but most airlines and train companies these days have strict luggage policies regarding luggage dimensions or even the type of luggage allowed. Before you start packing for your trip, do a quick research online to have a sneak peek of what luggage restrictions are there for your specific carrier. Checking the luggage restrictions will help you determine which ticket to purchase based on the luggage policies imposed.

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Vacuum-pack or Roll Your Clothes

Vacuum-packing or rolling your clothes will prevent creases and offer more space in your suitcase. Ensure that all items that easily get crease are folded before you stack them into the suitcase. Rolling is better than folding, though. This is because tightly rolled garments occupy less space inside the suitcase than folded ones.

Get a Lightweight and Colorful Suitcase

Use a lightweight suitcase to help keep the kilos down as much as possible. A suitcase whose weight is significantly less allows you to bring more clothes with you. As for the colorful aspect, it might not be of much help. But a colorful suitcase is easier to point out from the pool of blacks and grays on the baggage carousel.

suitcase packing tips

Travel in Layers to Conserve Additional Suitcase Space

Traveling in layers is a rule of thumb that can save you some extra space, especially if indeed you are pressed for space. For instance, instead of packing your heavy coat in a suitcase when traveling to somewhere cold, you can just wear it on the place. Or, you can stuff it in the overhead storage bin. Always travel in layers and minimize the shoes to help conserve a little more space.

Utilize Packing Cubes

Packing cubes may become one of your favorite things when packing for a trip. Packing cubes will not only help you get organized, but they will also save you a ton of room in your suitcase or backpack while traveling as well as at your destination. This may be among our favorite suitcase packing tips. Popping the cubes in the drawers is a travel game changer because it will make your suitcase tidy and manageable.

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Pack Essential Items in a Carry-on Bag

Keeping your essential and valuable belongings in a carry-on bag is terribly important as far as traveling is concerned. Try not to check your essential items in your suitcase. There are a few valuables that you must always bring onto the plane with you, such as your money, identification, passport, electronics, credit cards, jewelry, medications, and other valuable belongings.

Having these essentials in a carry-on bag is important because if anything happens you won’t find yourself trapped without something critical. For example, if the airline happens to lose your bag, you don’t need to find yourself suddenly needing to buy a new laptop or whichever asset you cannot do without.

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Don’t Be Too Concerned about Toiletries

Things have changed these days, and it’s easy to find the products you need in different destinations around the world. Although you may not find the exact brand that you’re familiar with, you’ll still be able to find something you absolutely cannot manage without, such as that face cream that makes you stand out. Other basic products that are easy to get include shampoo, toothpaste, and more.

Weigh Your Luggage

The last thing you want is to get to the airport only to find that you’ve packed excess luggage. This could force you to spend a fortune on extra baggage fees. To avoid a scenario like this, always ensure you weigh your luggage to check if it is within the accepted limit. If you have additional flights within your trip on a smaller or a budget airline, be aware that these often have stricter weight and size limits that the larger carriers.

Go Digital

There are things you don’t have to pack in your suitcase. Books, unlike bytes, can be heavy and bulky. Download translation apps, reading materials, travel guides, maps and games onto your phone or tablet.

suitcase packing tips suitcases

We hope these suitcase packing tips will be helpful for your next trip!

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