Packing for a Car Camping Adventure

by Shawn Michaels
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Car camping is always fun. It’s the best way one can take a break from a busy and hectic schedule. But if you’ve never camped before, it might seem intimidating. Working out what to pack — and more importantly, what to leave behind — can be a major hassle for travelers, whether going for a weekend, a week, or a month. Here, we provide a packing checklist for for car camping.

Proper planning, appropriate preparations and easy organizing tips can make your experience worth enjoying. Once you have decided where to camp, the next step is to organize the equipment that you will need for car camping.

Here are the essentials:


  • Tent: Take a waterproof tent in case if it rains. The size of the tent depends on the number of people who are going to use it. Take one that is slightly bigger than your needs as it will add some extra space without too much bulk. Be sure the tent comes with a ground sheet and a carry bag.
  • Sleeping bag: Get one that best suits the environment you’re in and the time of year. In the summer, don’t go for the one that keeps warmer. In the winter, select the one that can tolerate cooler temperatures.
  • Pillows: Just to add more comfort, bring one or two pillows. If you’re tight on space, feel free to use your pack as a pillow.

 car camping

Tools and Equipment

Fill the car with essentials like:

  • Hammer and screwdriver
  • Axe; useful for lots of things like hammering in tent pegs and chopping wood for fires
  • Matches, for lighting the fire
  • String; you never know when you’ll need to hang something up
  • Headlamp, every campers’ best friend.
  • Light, great for when you’re cooking at night
  • Garbage Bags
  • Lightweight day bag and good hiking boots, in case you want to go for a hike
  • Last but not the least; a few indoor games if you are camping with kinds.

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Go easy on packing clothes, but don’t forget:

  • Waterproof sandals
  • Raincoat, never go camping without one. In case it rains.
  • Wool Socks
  • Fleece, gloves and warm hat, if it gets chilly.
  • Washcloth, towels, bathing suit, and personal hygiene.

First-Aid Kit

Never go anywhere without a first-aid kit. It is one of the essentials that you must take along whenever you plan for outing. It is good to be prepared for any kind of emergency situation.

Additional safety equipment like a flashlight, bandages, pain killers, lantern, extra batteries, extra water bottle and water purifier tablets are always helpful.

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Water and Food

A good rule of thumb is to take twice as much water as you think you’ll need. Water shortage can have terrible consequences. Pack tons of food—this includes canned food, pasta, cereals and rice, which can be bought in bulk. You can always bring raw food items and cook them on the camping site.

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Packing for Car Camping: the Start of a Great Trip

Have fun—camping can be the ultimate family vacation. It brings happiness and togetherness and is the best way to spend some good quality time with family. Such activities keep us young, happy, and respectful of the beauty of nature.

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