Ultimate Guide to Airbnb Hosting

by Arron Hiddleston
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airbnb hosting

If you’re in need of some extra money and you have a free apartment or even a free room, then you should consider listing it on Airbnb. There’s the added bonus of meeting and getting to know people from around the world. Owing to the affordability and comfort of accommodation on Airbnb, this type of hosting has gained a lot of popularity and has come to match the conventional hotels. However, if you’re a newbie in Airbnb hosting, then you should take some time to learn the ropes.

Know the Laws on Airbnb Hosting

Before listing your accommodation on Airbnb, you should take some time to research the local laws on running a bed and breakfast business in your area. This is an important step because you need to fulfill all the necessary requirements to avoid paying fines. Otherwise, you’ll quickly start losing money instead of making it.

airbnb hosting

Know Your Guests

The type of guests you’ll host will determine the way you furnish your space. It’s important that you provide your guests with accommodation that will meet their needs. For example, if you want to rent your apartment to business travelers, then you’ll need to provide them with appropriate equipment, such as printers and definitely Internet access. However, if you want to host backpackers and explorers, then you can create a more relaxed atmosphere. Since they probably won’t spend much time inside, there’s no need for a cable TV. Instead, you can provide them with tools for repairing their hiking equipment or maps of the area. The best approach is narrowing down your target audience so as to be able to meet their needs. Hosting different types of guests requires a lot of effort and resources.

airbnb hosting

Setting the Scene: Furnishing and Decorating

Once you’ve decided which type of guests you want to accommodate, you can move to getting your place ready. You need to create a comfortable and pleasant environment where your guests can relax. When choosing the right furniture, it’s better to pick several high-quality pieces than overcrowding your space with several, uncomfortable ones. If you have a lounge area, then you don’t have to include armchairs and sofas in bedrooms, but focus on comfortable beds.

Lighting is an important factor that can help you create a warm and inviting ambience while simultaneously elevating the style of your space. If you don’t have air conditioning, then incorporating stylish ceiling fans with lights is a practical solution. This way, you’ll both illuminate your space and keep your guests cool during the hot days.

Décor of your space will enable you to set higher prices for your accommodation. Thus, it’s important that you decorate it stylishly. The best option is going with a neutral color palette and then introducing unexpected pops of bolder hues. Incorporating artwork is another great way to elevate the style of the rooms and create a trendy and comfortable ambience.

airbnb hosting

Setting the Price

Having prepared and decorated your place, you should set the price. The price of your accommodation will be determined by a variety of factors, including the available amenities, location, nearby attractions, and, most importantly, type of customers. For example, business travelers are willing to pay a higher price, but they also have higher expectations. On the other hand, budget travelers are looking for more affordable accommodation options, so they aren’t that demanding.

To set a fair price, take a look at similar listings in your area, but don’t overestimate the location. However, if you’re new to hosting, then you should set your first price slightly below the real worth. Once you’ve had several satisfied guests and positive reviews, you can raise your price.

Creating the Listing

The more eye-catching your listing is, the bigger demand for your accommodation will be. Thus, you should create an enticing and informative headline and post attractive and high-quality photos of your place. Include enough information in your description, such as the location, amenities, whether the guest will have a private bathroom and an access to the kitchen, etc. Should Airbnb offer to send a photographer, you should accept it because it will add trustworthiness to your accommodation.

Hosting your First Guests

Once your first guests arrive, you should try to make their stay as pleasant as possible because they will greatly influence the future of your business. Encourage them to write you a review – to motivate them, you can even write them a review which will encourage them to return the favor.

Airbnb hosting is a great way to earn some extra cash, especially if you have an apartment or room that no one uses. If your accommodation is clean and well-decorated, comes with additional amenities and has a fair price, you’re bound to attract guests.

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