A Stay in Nature: Nomad Inn Tiwi in Tiwi, Oman

by Erin Coyle
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Erin Coyle, Nomad Inn Tiwi

“Enjoy your time. This is your home, so help yourself,” says the owner, Asaad Saud Alakhzmai, upon check-in at the Nomad Inn Tiwi in Tiwi, Oman. My friend and I did help ourselves, and we felt this was our place while we stayed here. Looking around at the date and banana trees while noticing the white railing, the Inn was surrounded by nature, giving a serene feeling.

Nomad Inn Tiwi

(Photo by Erin Coyle)

While speaking with Alakhzmai, he said he wanted to build a guesthouse in Tiwi because it was in an excellent location. It is located when first driving in, and it is about a fifteen-minute drive to reach the waterfall at Mibam Village or a roughly two-hour walk to the waterfall.

Alakhzmai’s passion is traveling and seeing the world, so the idea came during his travels. His dream was to be able to rent out something. He thought the guesthouse would add value here because of the weather; visitors can come year-round. In the summer, guests can swim in the wadis, and in the winter, visitors can hike through farms, around the filaj and hike to the last village, Mibam.

Rooms at the Noman Inn Tiwi

There are four rooms with double beds, an area for camping, and three domes. There will also be Arabic tents, so 30-35 people can stay here. An Arabic tent has a canopy with wooden poles and heavy-duty canvas and may have carpet and cushions inside. Nomad Inn Tiwi aims to accommodate a range of travelers–from backpackers to those wanting a dome or room stay.

Erin Coyle, Nomad Inn Tiwi

Writer Erin Coyle’s room at the Nomad Inn (Photo by Erin Coyle)

My double bed was comfortable, and I slept well. There are fans and ACs in every room, bathroom toiletries, slippers, and robes. The rooms also come with a wooden circular table with two chairs and a long rectangular-shaped table at the end of the bed. I hike here weekly, but rolling out of bed and starting to walk was excellent; no drive was necessary.

Erin Coyle, Nomad Inn Tiwi

One of the dome room at the Nomad Inn (Photo by Erin Coyle)

When I entered my room, I immediately noticed a bunch of white string hanging on a wooden rod above the bed and the circular wooden oak table and chairs facing the outside balcony. An Omani woman made the string, and the fallen wood was cut and recycled to make this furniture. One of my favorite tables is at the pool. The wooden leg is the bark from a date tree, different from anything I have seen. The point of the wood is to keep the touches from nature.

Erin Coyle

The sitting area in Coyle’s room (Photo by Erin Coyle)

The Reception Area

The reception area is an excellent place to meet other travelers and play cards, and they have a jumbo sequence game. Visitors can sit on one of four wicker circular cushions or the window seats. There is also a comfortable dodger blue cushioned rocking chair and a table with two chairs; guests can have coffee, tea, and snacks here. The staff will warmly greet guests and immediately make you feel at home.

The reception area at the Nomad Inn, Tiwi, Oman (Photo by Erin Coyle)

Breakfast is Included

Breakfast includes eggs, ful (fava bean), fruit such as bananas and oranges, bread, hummus, and Karak – black tea, milk, and sugar. Visitors can drive less than five minutes to the town and go to Anwar Tiwi Restaurant for other meals, serving rice dishes such as fish Hyderabadi rice and chicken masala.

Erin Coyle

Breakfast at the Nomad Inn (Photo by Erin Coyle)

The Swimming Pool

Make sure to take advantage of the swimming pool. Surrounded by date and palm trees, one feels secluded in a tranquil setting. My friend and I swam before breakfast after our hike, so while the water temperature was about sixty degrees, it was refreshing. I returned to the pool around 10:00, when the sun started to peak, and it was the perfect time to take a dip. I was so relaxed sitting on the wicker chair with a blue cushion with the light breeze, chirping, and occasional croak. And yes, I could have stayed at this spot all day.

Erin Coyle

The swimming pool (Photo by Erin Coyle)

The pool area also has an outdoor shower.

Erin Coyle, Nomad Inn Tiwi

The outdoor pool shower (Photo by Erin Coyle)

Surrounded by Nature

At night, guests will hear a symphony of croaking, and some roosters and a few more croaks in the morning. But it is not over the top; it is enough to appreciate nature and the subtle sounds. I sat by the pool at night to enjoy the light noise.

Erin Coyle

The pool area is surrounded by nature, and nighttime is a special time (Photo by Erin Coyle)

I enjoyed walking around the falaj, an irrigation system for distributing water. Sometimes, it can be an open-air canal in the ground or a tunnel. The rooms overlook the falaj surrounded by date and banana trees. There is something peaceful about looking at trees and water.

Erin Coyle

The Nomad Inn at night (Photo by Erin Coyle)

Take Advantage of Hiking Opportunities

Hikers can walk to Mibam village to reach the waterfall. Depending on the pace, it could take one hour and a half to two hours one way or less. Guests can also book abseiling down the waterfall, where the team will drive visitors to Mibam, and one is clipped to a rope and has to descend about 10 meters.

The road to Mibam (Photo by Erin Coyle)

Alakhzmai also offers trips to Wadi Shab, ten minutes away, where visitors hike and swim to reach a cave. He plans to provide more challenging trips to the 7th hole cave with abseiling and hiking inside and Umq Beer, up to twelve hours of hiking, abseiling, and swimming.

The path to the waterfall (Photo by Erin Coyle)

He also wants to have bicycles to ride around the farms and have special tours with wellness packages. Alakhzmai hopes people are happy when they leave the Inn and wants visitors to experience Oman’s high quality of service and hospitality.

A Retreat for Travelers, a Staycation for Residents

Erin Coyle, Nomad Inn Tiwi

A peek at the grounds of the Nomad Inn (Photo by Erin Coyle)

I come to Tiwi weekly for hiking, and it was so lovely being able to stay at the guesthouse and not have to drive back immediately – even though the drive is twenty-five minutes. It was peaceful and relaxing, and I felt like I was out of town and not staying in my neighborhood. I will stay again, and maybe next time I will try camping.

Nomad Inn Tiwi

Erin Coyle relaxing outdoors (Photo by William Hussein)

When visiting Oman, I highly recommend a stay at Nomad Inn Tiwi. This is the place to book for those looking to connect with nature while enjoying a peaceful stay. Guests will feel this Inn is their home, and the friendly staff will ensure visitors feel relaxed and happy during their stay.

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