Incredible Sites of Peru: Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and More

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If you’re planning a trip to Peru, you might have already found yourself completely overwhelmed by the amount of amazing locations you can visit. Here to help you out is our guide to the most incredible sites of Peru. Take a look at the incredible sites of Peru: including just some of what you can see and do in Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca, Lima, the Amazon Rainforest, Ica, and Puerto Maldonado.Peru

Machu Picchu (Photo by Eddie Kiszka on

Machu Picchu

You can’t go to Peru without visiting Machu Picchu. It’s probably one of the most bucket-listed destinations in the world, with very good reason.

Discovered in 1911, the site is, to this day, one of the best preserved ancient relics. You can reach it via the Inca trail if you’re up for a hike, or you can get there by a luxury train.

Seeing Machu Picchu in person is more glorious than you can ever imagine. You will feel like you’ve stepped through time, especially if you join one of the local tours and learn more about the Inca culture and history.

Peru’s Sacred Valley (Photo by Kyle Frost on

The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley was once the heart of the Inca Empire. While it is often overshadowed by the proximity of Machu Picchu, you should take some time to explore its villages.

There are some amazing archeological sites here, as well as artisan workshops with amazing handicrafts and an incredible display of Peruvian culture.

You can head to the town of Pisac, where the handicraft market is the stuff of legend, or head to Urubamba, where you can go rock climbing or trekking.

Lima (Photo by Creators Brand on


While in Peru, you should definitely visit Lima, the capital of the county. It is a great place to learn more about the ancient and pre-Columbian history of the region and immerse yourself in the vibrant life of the bustling city.

While you are there, make sure to try some of the local Hispanic dishes, like ceviche, which is an amazing dish of fresh raw fish.

Make sure to visit Barranco, the bohemian part of town. It’s located on the coast, and it’s filled with tiny shops, cafes, and restaurants. The district is home to many local artists, so you can also come across lots of galleries and exhibitions. The area tends to be full of tourists, so be prepared for a bit of a crowd at the busiest times of the year.

Lima is a world-class city, with amazing museums and historical sites.

The Amazon rainforest (Photo by Kal Visuals on

The Amazon

If you are in the mood for an adventure, you can take a cruise down the Peruvian Amazon. The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is a huge area of jungle that you will love to explore.

The Cordillera Escalera is one of the most biodiverse parts of the world, where you can see incredible wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls and experience the true marvel of nature.

The cruise itself will provide opportunities to spot some incredibly elusive animals. You won’t know where to look first — at the river, the sky, or the jungle.

Huachachina, Ica, Peru (Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on


If you would like to see the desert, the Ica is your destination. Its oasis, Huacachina, is an incredible body of water where you can refresh yourself before heading out to the dunes.

You can ride a sandboard if you are proficient in the sport, but there are also dune buggy rides to enjoy for a bit of an adrenaline rush.

There’s also the option to explore the Regional Museum of Ica or to go on pisco tasting tours. Pisco is the national spirit of Peru, and you must try it at least once.

Wildlife and flora of Peru (Photo by Kenneth Schippar Vera on

Puerto Maldonado

If you would like to experience some of Peru’s wildlife, head to Puerto Maldonado, the capital of the southern Amazon rainforest. It is home to some of the most stunning jungles in the country.

You can head out to the Tambopata National Reserve, a pristine rainforest spreading over 1060 square miles. You can see thousands of species of butterfly there, as well as hundreds of different birds and mammals.

Be mindful that you are entering a nature reserve, so don’t touch or take anything with you, and especially don’t leave anything behind.

Lake Titicaca (Photo by Azzadine Rouichi on

Lake Titicaca

More incredible sites of Peru can be found in the Lake Titicaca region. Lake Titicaca was sacred to the Incas, and you can find it bordering both Bolivia and Peru. It is believed that the first Inca and his wife originated from it.

The lake is located at 3810 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest navigable body of water on the planet. It is also a bustling home to numerous tourists who love spending time on the water, enjoying the scenery, and relaxing at the end of an adventurous trip.

The Lake Titicaca region is rich in archeological sites and cultural communities. The region contains the Raqchi archeological site and the Sillustani ruins. Visiting Uros and Taquile Islands are very worthwhile. ,

If you have more time left (or perhaps you decide to prolong your stay!), continue your adventure and you’ll surely find more delightful locations to explore.

Wrapping Up: The Incredible Sites of Peru

Peru is an fascinating country you will want to come back to again and again. We hope you’ve seen more of the incredible sites of Peru and find it helpful in planning your own itinerary. Every time you return, you will find yourself floored by another amazing sunset, another amazing hidden gem, and some of the best seafood in the world.


Nancy Zaffaro Oolantaytambo ruins Peru

Ollantaytambo ruins in the Sacred Valley Peru has so many more ruins and historical sites beyond Machu Picchu. (Photo by Nancy Zaffaro on

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