The Best Cat Cafés in Europe

by Joe Labonte
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cat cafés in Europe

Cat cafés are everywhere. You’ll find them all around the world, and they keep increasing in number worldwide. The first cat café was established in 1998 in Taiwan and there are plenty of them in Japan these days; Tokyo alone has around forty cafes. Here, we’ll take a look at the best cat cafés in Europe, and the great services that make them successful.

One of the residents, looking cozy at La Gatoteca cafe in Madrid

Europe’s Best Cat Cafés

Catlovers, check out some of these cat cafés in Europe mentioned here.

Neko in Vienna, Austria cat cafes in Europe

Have a seat and relax at Neko, in Vienna, Austria

Neko, Vienna

Neko, located in Vienna, Austria, tops the list of cat cafés in Europe started recently. It has a few adopted cats. These cats now enjoy running up and down and being petted whenever they want. When you visit cafés like that one, you will enjoy homemade cakes and delicious drinks.

Lady Dinah, London

Lady Dinah is one of London’s cat cafés that resulted from a crowdfunding campaign that collected more than one hundred thousand pounds. When you go there, you are assured of enjoying hot tea with eleven cats which got rescued and now are living the best life.

Lady Dinah, cat cafe in London, England   Lady Dinah, cat cafe in London, England

Cat Café Budapest, Budapest

Located in Budapest, Hungary, Cat Café Budapest is a kitten café that occupies a space of three hundred square meters. It is a cafe for thirteen kittens. When you go there, you will enjoy delicious snacks and a variety of teas, cakes, wines, and coffee.

cat cafes in Europe

Cat Café Budapest, in Budapest, Hungary

La Gatoteca, Madrid

Located in Madrid, Spain, La Gatoteca is one of the cafés unlike other cafés that prioritize the welfare of pets is mostly warm and fuzzy. The café stands in a 2-story HQ of an animal shelter, a non-profit meant to assist homeless felines. These kittens at this café can be adopted by anyone who wants them. Besides adopting one, you will enjoy great café offers such as plenty of learning, recreational and therapeutic activities. This includes animal care courses and flea markets to yoga with kittens.

La Gatoteca, Madrid,

La Gatoteca, in Madrid Spain

Le Café des Chats, Paris

cat cafes are in EuropeLocated in Paris, France, Le Café des Chats is a hotel and tea house which is also a home for several rescued cats. The owner of this café firmly believes in purr therapy. Some of the profits in this café go to organizations that protect animals.

cat cafe in europe Le Café des Chats, in Paris

Le Café des Chats, in Paris

Kaciu Kavine, Vilnius

Kaciu Kavine

Kaciu Kavine, in Vilnius, Lithuania

Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Kaciu Kavine is home for  fifteen cats. Five of the first one on the Northeastern side of Europe. It sits at the center of the town’s ancient location. Originally, it was meant to provide a variety of unusual breeds. This was however scrapped to allow the operation of an enterprise that is charitable. These cats were rescued, and benefits are taken to local sanctuaries.

cat cafes in europe

Kopjes, Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kopjes is one of the best cat cafés. It is also among crowdfunded cafés. Such cafés rescue cats and give them the best home. Anyone who goes to cat cafés in the Netherlands, especially at Kopjes is assured of a peaceful atmosphere and you will enjoy delicious cakes and coffee.

cat cafés in Europe

Kopjies, in Amsterdam

Enjoy a Visit to These Cat Cafes in Europe

There are many more cat cafés in Europe, but the ones we have talked about provide great services to cats and visitors. You are only required to book in advance whenever you need to visit any of those cafés otherwise you will miss a chance to spend time in these wonderful cafés.

Are you planning to travel to Europe? Now that you know what cat cafés look like, which of these cafés that we have described here would you like to visit and why? If you’ve been to a cat café not listed here, feel free to share your favorite cat cafés in Europe here!

Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Kaciu Kavine

Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Kaciu Kavine is home to 15 cats

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