How to Spend a Weekend Exploring Prague

by Emil Sipos
exploring Prague

Exploring foreign countries is passion of mine and I do my best to just go somewhere when I have some time and money. In the past few years I spent time exploring Prague four times. I made a point to see what this city can offer in each season. I’ve visited many attractions, parks and more, and have discovered many interesting places, and I’m happy to share my experience and knowledge. Jot down these tips and you’ll have amazing weekend exploring this beautiful city.

Prague is capital city of Czech Republic and one of the cheapest capital cities to visit in Central Europe. You always have a choice to go with a tourist agency that will do everything for you. By going with an agency, you will spend most of the day running around with the crowd and learn more about this magnificent city. It is a good way to explore and see Prague, but not my favorite. You may spend 10 hours a day running around from sight to sight. Of course, if you like that, go for it. But here’s my itinerary for exploring Prague and some tips to help you have a blast on your own or with your significant one.

exploring Prague

Prague rooftops (Photo by Emil Sipos)

How to Get a Best Hotel Deal in Prague

 Finding decent accommodations in Prague is not hard. Thanks to many huge websites like TripAdvisor and you can find really cheap places to stay. Now, here is my tip what you should do. Go to those websites, register and confirm your account. Then get back there and search for two-, three-, or four-star hotels in Prague that offer breakfast. Just browse around and check out those hotels. Do not book anything at this point; just create a list of the hotels that look good enough for you.

In the next few days you will get tons of offers and discounts in your inbox for Prague hotels. This is where you look and book one of those hotels that you checked. By doing this, you can save from 15% up to 50% on your weekend stay in a hotel. Just remember to book it with included breakfast. I do this all the time and have gotten offers for just $100 for a 3-night stay for two adults in hotels. This is cheaper than staying at home and preparing food for yourself!

exploring Prague

Vysehrad Park (Photo by Emil Sipos)

Best Way to Explore Prague

 The most interesting and least expensive way to explore everything in Prague is to get a public transportation ticket at your hotel. The cost of a daily ticket for all public transportation is around $4.00. Don’t be afraid to use busses, trams and Metro. Moreover, Metro has just three lines, and can get you to any sight in Prague. You can get a map in most hotels or on stands around the city. Mark where your hotel is and go for it.

I was never lost so don’t be afraid to just explore. In case that you are not sure about something, ask people around for direction. Most people in Czech Republic understand English, and they are open and friendly so you don’t have to be shy.

exploring Prague

St Pauls and Peters Church (Photo Emil Sipos)

Exploring Prague on a First Day

 If you are travelling to Prague by bus, train or even airplane, you may be a bit exhausted when you get there. For a first day I always pick something that is not far or demanding. So, just go around the town center, visit pubs and have a beer and eat local cuisine. Local cuisine is totally amazing ranging from all kinds of roasted pork, ribs, sausages to pickled and fried cheese. Almost every pub offers a huge menu with international and local dishes. And yes, stay away from pubs and restaurants that are on the main walking tourist roads. Just go down the street for 50-100 meters, and you will save a lot of money.

What to Visit in Prague on a Second Day

 Get up early on a second day, eat your breakfast and put on your walking shoes as you will spend all day on foot exploring Prague sights and architecture. You should start your journey with Old Town. To get there use metro station, Staromestska. You will find yourself in Old Town and from there you can go to Charles Bridge, The Powder Tower and then go up to Prague Castle.

Prague Castle is biggest castle complex in the world, so exploring it will take some time. There, you will see St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George Basilica, Royal Palace, you can watch the guards change and visit Castle Gallery. Believe me, exploring all attractions on Hradcany and Old Town will take a whole day. You will spend a whole day on foot walking the Golden Line, climbing up and down castle step,s so make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. By the end of the day you will be exhausted, for sure.

exploring Prague

Saint Vitus (Photo by Emil Sipos)

Relax on Day Three in Prague

 After a long day of walking, my suggestion is a day spent in Prague parks, near to river Vltava just strolling around and admiring nature. If you want to explore parks (my recommendation) just take Metro C to Vyšehrad. In the past, Vyšehrad was home of the first Bohemian King and claimed to be the oldest place in Prague.

exploring Prague

Vysehrad Park Paths (Photo by Emil Sipos)

While having your relaxing walk around, you will find many playgrounds for children and even more beer gardens for yourself. You will find a lot of people enjoying their weekend there since local and expats love this place.  Buy a nice beer and some sausages, sit down under the shade of the tree, and enjoy. If you fancy it, you can take a walk through old cemetery and find graves of many famous people like Antonín Dvořák and Bedrich Smetana. Also, make sure to visit Vyšehrad church of Saints Peter and Paul and listen to amazing bell chime that rings every hour.

Of course, if you prefer river cruises, you can go to back to Old Square and book a day cruise. They are not expensive, ranging from $20 to $35, with included lunch or dinner. While having a nice meal and drinking beer or wine from crystal glassware, you can enjoy the different view of Prague bridges and castle. Crystal is one of the Czech Republic’s greatest arts, and a beautiful souvenir to shop for and bring home.

exploring prague

A Prague boat ride (Photo by Emil Sipos)

Exploring Prague, An Affordable, Amazing City

While you are in Prague you can do anything that your heart desires at that moment. If you want to walk around and relax, you will find a lot of places for doing that. If you want to see and admire architecture, it’s there. Or if you just want to eat well and drink, you’ll find amazing food, beer and wine. Prague has got you covered. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to have amazing time by yourself, or with loved ones.

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Barb July 9, 2018 - 6:58 am

Beautiful photos and great suggestions. Thank you for sharing.

Emil Sipos July 10, 2018 - 1:13 am

Thanks Barb for your comment. I`m happy to hear that you like photographs and my suggestions. Prague is really interesting city and everyone should visit it.

Becky Breshears July 21, 2018 - 6:44 am

Great article…I hope to get there one day. Thanks for the tips.

Emil Sipos July 22, 2018 - 5:53 am

Thanks for your comment Becky. As you can see, you can really spend some time in Prague at a low cost and it is well worth the visit. I`m glad to hear that you liked the article 🙂

Henry Collins August 2, 2018 - 11:15 am

Prague is so beautiful. I want to visit again with my girlfriend. We had an awesome time in the city.

Nancy Zaffaro August 2, 2018 - 11:25 am

I’m glad our article brought back good memories, Henry! Thanks for reading.


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