Consider a Fishing Trip for Your Next Outdoors Vacation

by Kenneth Reaves
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Vacations spent in nature are the ideal way to reframe one’s mind and take a much-needed break from screens and stress. It’s no secret that outdoor activity is an excellent physical and mental health booster. Wondering what safe and fun outdoor activity you should take part in on your next vacation? Here’s why you should consider a fishing trip.

fishing trip

A fishing trip lends all the benefits of a great vacation (Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on

1. Close to Nature

Being out in nature has some proven health benefits, including an increase in one’s energy, pain reduction, an immune system boost, increased oxygen levels, a dose of vitamin D and improved eyesight.

Fishing puts you right in the middle of nature. It’s impossible to fish without being in the great outdoors! You’ll be either on or in the water, or very close to it. Most fishing spots have beautiful surroundings, fresh air and an abundance of natural light.

It’s hard to come away from a fishing trip feeling down. Nature is a natural mood-booster!

2. Socially-Distanced

Although we’re now well into the Covid-19 pandemic, new strains are still popping up. It remains beneficial to avoid large social gatherings in order to stay as safe as possible.

Fishing is an excellent socially-distanced activity. You don’t need to do it alone. In fact, going fishing with a group of friends can be great fun. But when you’re out on the water fishing, you can’t be too close to each other.

Anglers understand that they need to give each other space. If you’re fly fishing too close to each other, you run the risk of hooking each other instead of a fish!

Even if you’re fishing in a relaxed manner, it’s wise to have a good bit of space around you. Not only does this prevent any chance of accidental hooking, but it’s an excellent way to meditate and clear your mind.

3. Suitable for Anyone

Fishing is fun and challenging. It can be undertaken alone or as a family. You can pick up a fishing pole and catch something, whether you’re a complete beginner, a dabbler or a pro.

Looking for an activity you can do with your kids? Fishing is ideal! Prefer something you can partake in with adult buddies? Fishing fits the bill too. It’s even the perfect activity if you need some alone time.

4. Encourages Strategic Thinking

If you’ve moved past being a beginner angler, you may have discovered the joy and challenge of strategic fishing.

Once you get interested in the sport of fishing rather than just fishing for fun and relaxation, you’ll find that there’s a lot of strategic thinking involved in catching fish.

When you shift from beginner to intermediate, you start to learn things like where the fish tend to gather, which fish eat what, how water temperature affects fish and other fish behavior.

This is when you’ll learn things like what bait to use when you’re targeting specific fish, how to move your line so your bait or lure mimics insects and the best places to cast your line to have the highest chance of catching.

Conclusion: Try a Fishing Trip

If you’ve never tried fishing before, it’s well worth a go. Not only will you get to spend time rejuvenating in nature on your fishing trip, but you may even be able to catch your own dinner!

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