Moonstruck’s 12-pack of Oregon Craft Beer Truffles

by Nancy Zaffaro
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Raise a glass and say, “Cheers” to one of Moonstruck Chocolate’s latest collections, Oregon Craft Beer Truffles. With this new collection, they’ve joined forces with four pioneering Oregon craft breweries to produce a “12-pack” box of truffle confections that are original, incredibly cute, and naturally, deliciously decadent.

I’ve always been a big fan of Moonstruck Chocolate, and this line is one more reason to keep an eye on this always innovative Portland-based chocolatier. Distributed nation-wide, Moonstruck has been making superior hand-crafted chocolates since 1993. Their product line-up include truffles, tumbled chocolates, bars, cocoas, and some of the most beautiful seasonal and limited edition chocolates you’ll find. DSCN1130 (640x474)

Moonstruck’s Master Chocolatier, Chef Julian Rose, says, “The craft beer industry is so great in this state. Once we decided to create the collection, we talked a lot about which breweries, which beers, to include. We ended up working with some of the states’ first craft breweries as homage to them; they represent the start of the industry. They’re also well-known, nationally distributed, and offer beers we knew would remain in production. All four companies were great to work with, and we’re really happy with the collection.”

Moonstruck's Head Chocolatier, Chef Julian Rose

Moonstruck’s Master Chocolatier, Chef Julian Rose

In the end, Chef Julian worked with Deschutes Brewery, Full Sailing Brewing Company, Rogue Ales & Spirits, and Widmer Brothers Brewing. His thoughtful work extended to representing four popular craft brew styles: wheat, brown, porter and IPA. They’ve worked to capture the flavor profiles of the beer styles.

The collection is a perfect follow-up product to Moonstruck’s Oregon Distiller’s Collection. The Oregon Distiller’s Truffles collection has a 5% alcohol content (which required buyers to be of legal drinking age.) The alcohol in the Oregon Craft Beer Truffles collection, however, has been cooked off in all of these chocolates.

Unique Shape, Unique Flavors

Each of the four truffles in the collection is shaped like the top of a beer bottle, complete with a chocolate replica of the beer bottle cap.

Widmer Brothers Brewing’s Hefeweizen is used to make this rich, aromatic truffle that includes white and dark chocolates. Wheat and yeast flavors and rich ganache are balanced in this truffle that somehow manages to be “refreshing.”

Cold beer and rich truffles make a great combination.

Cold beer and rich truffles make a great combination.

Widmer Brothers Brewing’s Hefeweizen uses their famous beer and white and dark chocolates.

Widmer Brothers’ Hefeweizen uses their famous beer and white and dark chocolates.

Every good chocolate collection needs to include nuts, and Rogue Ales’ Hazelnut Brown Nectar ale lends scents of roasted hazelnuts. This creamy milk chocolate ganache truffle includes flavors of hazelnut praline, coffee, malt and hops. For me, the malts and coffee flavors were the first I tasted, ending with the roasted hazelnut flavors. I found this one to be the most straightforward of the four; this is just pure wonderful chocolate indulgence.

Rogue Beer staff hand out truffle samples

Rogue Ales’ staff hand out truffle samples.

The line celebrates some of Oregon's first, and still favorite, beers.

The line celebrates some of Oregon’s first, and still favorite, beers.

DSCN1106 (640x480)

Perfectly balanced, absolutely licentious Black Butte Porter truffles.

The Black Butte Porter truffle from Deschutes Brewery is an intense, rich truffle with a great light bitterness and lots of roasted, deep chocolate flavors. It’s no coincidence that this was my favor of the collection; I especially enjoy bitterness in both my chocolate and my beer. The flavors of the dark and milk chocolates and beer reduction are blended perfectly in this complex truffle.

Black Butte Porter truffle, made one of the author's favorite beers, somehow managed to be her collection favorite.

Black Butte Porter truffle, made one of the author’s favorite beers, somehow managed to be her collection favorite.

Full Sail Brewing Co.’s IPA truffle is a blend of milk, dark and ivory chocolates. For hoppy beer lovers, this truffle will become your favorite of all time; the aromas are citrusy, malty and very hop forward. It’s the sweetest of the four, and absolutely an original.

A wonderful dessert truffle

A wonderful dessert truffle

Full Sail IPA truffle

Full Sail IPA truffle

Perfect Gift Item, But You Deserve Some As Well

Moonstruck Chocolate’s Oregon Craft Brewers Collection is available direct from Moonstruck’s stores or their website, or in select stores nationwide. They’re also sold in the four breweries’ tasting rooms.

Moonstruck Chocolate is at the top of their game with these truffles. The Oregon Craft Beer collection makes the perfect gift for just about any occasion—but do pick up a box for yourself as well.

-All photos by Nancy Zaffaro.

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