Where Should You Stay in Singapore?

by Josiah Mosier
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Whether you are coming to Singapore on business or for pleasure, the area has many things to offer. Travelers will find memorable meals for every budget, wonderful craft beer selections, great festivals, awesome outdoor garden spaces and a lively art community. With so many great reasons to visit this city-state, you’ll first need a great place to stay in Singapore.

stay in singapore_JohnsonGoh

Singapore skyline by day. (Photo Johnson Goh.)

Loh Lik Peng Properties

Three of the best hotels in Singapore are owned by Loh Lik Peng’s company, Unlisted Collection. The Ireland-born, Singapore-raised hotelier strongly believes that hotels should be a playground for adults. Therefore, he has taken older buildings and given them a new purpose as unique boutique hotels in the city. Once he obtained the buildings, he hired the best Singapore designers to create unique places to stay in Singapore. Each has fanciful features that are found at very few hotels around the world like aquarium-style bathtubs and vivid colors. He has made an incredible difference in the hotel culture because of his desire to breathe new life into older properties.


One of the most unique designer hotels in the world is Wanderlust in the Little India area of Singapore. Owner Loh Lik Peng gave four design firms one floor each to design in this building. They each created a whole together different flair that flows together beautifully in this historic Art-Nouveau building constructed in the 1920s. Some of the 29 rooms have shockingly bright colors, like the Phunk Studio with its gamut of candy colors, while others are stark black-and-white minimalistic. No trip to Wanderlust would be complete without eating in the Cocotte Restaurant that has quickly become a hit for its wonderful French cuisine.

Fun, whimsical and unique; Singapore’s Wanderlust Hotel.

New Majestic Hotel

Sitting on the outskirts of Singapore’s Chinatown, the six-tier New Majestic Hotel features 30 rooms, each with their own unique style. Like Wanderlust, this Loh Lik Peng-owned hotel is set in a building built in the 1920s. Romantics will want to consider the Aqua Room with a unique glass bathtub sitting in the middle of the room. Alternatively, consider the Loft Rooms with cast-iron bathtubs sitting side by side. The Loft Rooms are only accessible by a small wooden ladder. The unique glass-bottomed rooftop swimming pool even has portholes allowing swimmers to see the diners eating right below the pool. Each room comes with a complimentary hot breakfast that may very well hold you all day.

stay in singapore

Located in Chinatown, the New Majestic offers 30 rooms with unique style.

Hotel 1929

The first Loh Lik Peng hotel to open was Hotel 1929 in Singapore’s Chinatown. The rooms in this building built in 1929 are cozy with each having their individual décor. Take your bath on the rooftop in private glass cubicles while using luxurious bath products. Many rooms have private garden terraces. Most have unique furniture like a rocking chair with no legs. This facility does a wonderful job of combining vintage and modern settings paying tribute to its location in one of the oldest parts of the city while looking forward to an exciting future. Start each day with a full complimentary breakfast buffet at Ember’s or have your breakfast cooked to order.

Hotel 1929 was the first of Loh Lik Peng's unique portfolio of hotels.

Hotel 1929 was the first of Loh Lik Peng’s unique portfolio of hotels.

Other Properties to Consider

There are many other hotels in which to stay in Singapore that travelers might want to consider—each with their own unique flair. Here are two more to explore before deciding what’s right for you.

The Scarlet Singapore

The alluring Scarlet Singapore does a great job of Baroque-meets-boudoir. Guests stopping at this hotel are greeted by an Alice in Wonderland sofa underneath a Venetian chandelier. This property makes great use of rich textures, fabrics and color schemes throughout to create one of the most romantic hotels in Singapore.

The lobby of the Scarlet Singapore. (Photo courtesy The Scarlet Singapore.)

Scarlet Singapore

A premium room at the Scarlet Singapore. (Photo courtesy the Scarlet Singapore.)

Resorts World Sentosa

Many families enjoy staying at Resorts World Sentosa. Some of the rooms at this resort featuring six hotels offer townhouse-style accommodations with the downstairs surrounded by glass walls where guests can watch marine life swim by their windows. This resort also features a Universal theme park and two casinos. It is the first fully integrated resort in Singapore.

Singaport Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa offers townhouse-style accommodations, a Universal theme park and more.

While Singapore only has one resort, it has many unique hotels to stay at with modern conveniences. Those looking for romance might want to consider the Scarlet Hotel. Loh Lik Peng hotels offer visitors three unique places to stay that are whimsical and fun with top-notch service breathing new life into old buildings. The blending of old with new in these buildings is remarkable.

Stay in Singapore

Regardless of which property you choose to stay in, you will find them wonderful additions to your Singapore travel itinerary.

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