Visit These Breathtaking Destinations in the Philippines

by Joshua Albern
places in the philippines Mt Pinatubo crater

When you start planning a vacation with the desire to see breathtaking places, many will pop up into your mind. But, there is this country that has it all, from islands to highlands, to the pristine white sand beaches on remote islands.  You’ll find beautiful landscapes. You’ll find picture-perfect heritage towns that are perfect for a sneak peek of the past, colorful festivals, and everything else that a solo or group traveler would crave for. The paradise that has it all can be found just in Southeast Asia. An archipelago composed of more than 7,000 gorgeous islands – the Philippines. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful and breathtaking destinations in the Philippines.


Batanes is the place where you can find a bit of every local traveler’s bucket list. Domestic travelers would usually say that it is a crime not to witness even one sunset or sunrise from Batanes as this is one of the islands, in the Northeast part of the Philippines, with the most breath-snatching view and well-preserved historical lifestyles of the local people.

But there’s more to experience and discover. Don’t miss Batanes’ Vakul, which are the famous traditional headdress of the Ivatan. Don’t miss the classic Sabtang Island Stone Houses. And no visit to Batanes is complete without a visit to the Honesty Shop! This coffee house and gift store operates without a staff. Make your own coffee, grab a snack or whatever else you need, and pay on the honor system!

Batanes in the philippines


Vigan will surely take you into the intriguing colonial era when you have a beautiful glimpse of the historic towns and well preserved historical buildings. We think Vigan is is not only the ideal destination of sand, sun and sea,  but also the best place to immerse yourself in the wealthiest historical cultures of the Philippines.

This is the country’s first and only UNESCO World Heritage City. This is a city in the Philippines that models Old World charm to remind us of history and is a delight for culture vultures.

Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

Often referred to as the crown jewel of Leyte, Kalanggaman Island is a supremely beautiful island, known for its natural sand bar. The Island has become one of the most visited places by many international cruise ships.

Kalanggaman Island has become known for its famous crystal clear water and powdery white sand bars, which stretch from both sides of the island. But it’s also shaped like a bird when viewed from above. Langgam is a Visayan word for “bird,” which is how Kalanggaman got its unique name.

Coron, Palawan

One of the most picturesque and impressive islands in Palawan,  Coron has one of the most preserved different limestones, colorful corals, and underwater wrecks. These shipwrecks have become a must-visit place for the diving aficionados.

From its lakes, lagoons, and beaches of Coron, the island is bursting with natural beauty and indeed a breathtaking destination in the Philippines.


Nested in Northern Mindanao is a pear-shaped volcanic island of Camiguin. The island is also known as the Island Born of Fire.  Camiguin has more volcanoes than any other island on earth. Imagine an island with seven volcanoes!  The volcanoes surround the island’s natural beauty, and attract many visitors to this majestic island.

Camiguin in the Philippines


From islands to highlands, a perfect place to breathe fresh air and have a chill environment. Just an hour away from Metro Manila, this is the ideal place to make the most of your stay as you bask in the “cold weather” of Tagaytay.

Located on a high altitude, Tagaytay is famous for its cold climate; temperatures here get as low as 68 degrees Fahrenheit, or 18.8 Celsius. Tagaytay faces the Taal Lake which is said to be “an island within a lake, that is an island within a lake that is on an island that is on an island.”

Tagaytay in the Philippines

Siargao, Surigao del Norte

They don’t call Siargao the surfing capital of the Philippines for nothing, and it is for you to discover and experience the beach life in Siargao. Siargao is undoubtedly for the surfing aficionados. as well as anyone else; you’ll love its calm winds.


Iloilo City

Iloilo is the best place to appease your gastronomic cravings with visits to the various districts in the city. But Iloilo City is more than just a culinary paradise for visitors.  The city is also a great area to take in the Filipino history and culture.

 Visit These Places in the Philippines

There are plenty of places to discover and enjoy. If these breathtaking places in the Philippines sound good to you, and it’s your first trip to the Philippines, get some good professional help planning your stay. And then, enjoy every single moment!

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– Cover photo depicts the crater of Mt. Pinatubo.


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Becky Breshears July 16, 2019 - 9:32 am

Great inspiring pictures. Maybe I will get there someday.

Nancy Zaffaro July 16, 2019 - 10:11 am

Thanks, Becky. It’s a great introduction to the Philippines. I lived for a time in a neighborhood with a lot of Filipinos, and the people (not to mention the food!) are wonderful; that also makes me want to visit someday!

Joshua Albern July 16, 2019 - 7:17 pm

Hi Becky. These are just some of the places in the Philippines you can visit. If you are planning on visiting the Philippines, you’ll be left in awe with the different sceneries and beautiful places you can go to.


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