10 Great Gifts for Photographers Who Travel

by Tess DiNapoli
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Are you looking for a great gift for a photographer or someone who is seriously considering photography? You may find yourself in a bit of a challenge. While it’s true that there are lots of items you can give them, photographers can be quite picky when it comes to their equipment. The average DSLR camera will set you back thousands of dollars and even just the lenses are not exactly affordable. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t gift ideas out there for photographers who travel.

The trick is finding accessories to help them take better photos. These items should be lightweight and, ideally, waterproof. Durability is also a factor, especially for photographers who are city-bound — they need equipment that can withstand traveling around and being used on the go.

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Lens and Lens Sensor Cleaning Kit

Keeping the camera lens clean is a basic chore for photographers, which makes cleaning kits a very useful gift for them. The usual kits include a cleaning solution, cloth and swabs, Lens Pen, and an air blower. The Lens Pen has a brush and an extension just like a soft pen which are great for keeping the camera glasses clean.

Memory Cards and Holders

A photographer will always need memory cards, whether they are into travel, event, wildlife, landscape, or macro photography. They will never have enough storage for their pictures, which makes a memory card a great gift idea. Since most shutterbugs carry multiple memory cards, a dedicated holder is a perfect accompaniment to keep the cards safe and organized.

Travel Accessories

A photographer who travels constantly to find the next best shot will benefit from a personalized passport holder they can easily access while on the go. They won’t need to fumble around for their passport in airport lines and it will help keep them organized so they can focus on their passion.

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Camera Strap

A photographer needs more than just the basic neck strap of the good old days. Now you can find cross body straps, quick-release camera neck straps, and other improved strap styles that makes carrying a camera around even more convenient and comfortable.

Portable Tripod

Any photographer would appreciate getting a tripod as a gift. Most serious photographers might already have standard full-size tripods, so instead, you can get them a portable one that is perfect for traveling and can hold cameras with heavy lenses.

Spare Batteries

Extra batteries are always a key part of a photographer’s must-haves. They can be quite expensive though, so your photographer friend will definitely appreciate being given brand-new, spare batteries they can use. Of course, you have to know the brand and type of camera that your friend has since batteries are camera-specific.

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Lens Filters

This small, lightweight glass accessory is placed in front of a camera lens to provide filters such as UV, polarized, or neutral density. The filters are designed to lessen the glare and improve the color and contrast of images. These are also great for keeping lenses free from scratches and other damages.

Camera Bag

Just like serious travelers investing in a reliable travel backpack, serious photographers always end up investing in an expensive camera bag that can organize all the stuff they have with the added benefit of also making them look more professional. A bag that can carry a lot of equipment is a safe gift – you can get one that can hold 2 DSLR cameras, extra lenses, and other accessories. Make sure  the bag is waterproof and made of lightweight but durable material. There are even camera bags that have a water bottle holder!

LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights function as a mini studio light that you can use with the palm of your hand. These are adjustable and have light filters, plus they work with most camera models. While this is primarily useful for food photographers, those who take portraits and travel photos will also find the lights useful if they are shooting in dim lighting – no tripod or camera flash needed.

Photography Gloves

This will come in very handy for those who plan to take pictures in cold locations, whether these places are in the city or somewhere out in the wild. These gloves are designed to expose only the shooting fingers and thumbs, keeping the rest of the hands warm. Insulation comes from the merino wool and Thinsulate material used for the gloves. This way taking photos in say, Antarctica, is possible without freezing their hands off.

Conclusion: Great Gifts for Photographer Who Travel

No matter what your budget is, you can always find a gift item that your photographer friend who travels will definitely appreciate. It doesn’t have to be a brand new camera or set of lenses — even just simple cleaning items to keep cameras in good condition will keep shutterbugs happy and thankful. If you’re thinking of getting the more expensive items, consider asking your friend what they want or need to make sure that you get the right accessory for their regular use.

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