The Best Travel Apps for 2021 and 2022

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Travel and recreation is a hobby and a passion shared by many across the world. If you are one of those enthusiasts who love to travel, you probably have an idea about the chaotic nature of travel. This is where a good travel app can come in handy. From the booking of reservations and from packing to planning, as well as from eating to paying and getting around, these apps can be a huge help in making sure your trip is a memorable and enjoyable one. These are some of the best travel apps to keep in mind for 2021 and 2022.

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Kayak is an award-winning app travel planning app that allows you to search for flights, hotels, and car rentals. The app boasts of a clean and easy-to-use interface, with options such as reduced hacker fares and booking options for outgoing and incoming flights. You can also set filters to find what you are looking for easily and quickly. In addition, the app has a green Buy indicator to tell when the prices are likely to go up, which means that you can be ready at the right time.


Packing for a trip is a difficult task faced by many, but with the help of an app, this problem can be solved as well. PackPoint is the best app for packing help and tells you exactly what to bring along. The app works in a simple way; all you have to do is to first enter your destination, and then the duration of your trip. Here the app offers an option of choosing from amongst business and leisure trips and the activities that the traveler is likely to choose. With the information provided, the app develops a list along with the expected weather. You can check off items as you pack and remove the ones you don’t need. Furthermore, the paid-for premium version comes with an option to remove ads in addition to providing custom activities and packing templates, with the integration of TripIt and Evernote.

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This app is considered one of the best apps for grabbing last-minute hotel deals. If you are one of those travelers who prefer to have a backup plan in case there is any problem with reservations, HotelTonight is the app for you. All you have to do is to tell the app where you plan to stay and the app will display the deals on your screen instantly. A few more taps will take you to hotel reservations as well as the option to book a room right away. In addition, you can make reservations in advance. However, the longer you wait, the  greater would be the chances of better deals and offers on the hotels.


While embarking on a trip to another city, one thing that many travelers face is the problem in navigating through the new area. While there is no doubt that navigating an unknown location can be extremely frustrating—especially if you don’t know how to use the local transportation system, there are apps designed specially to deal with these navigation problems. Citymapper is one such app that solves all the navigation troubles easily and quickly. The app offers an option of choosing your city, then choosing either a location or preferred mode of transportation. The app provides comprehensive and complete information on how to reach your destination on time and without any trouble, whether you are commuting, taking an Uber, or traveling by train.

Foursquare City Guide

Foursquare City Guide is an app that is designed to make it easy to find someplace to eat and stay. The traveler only has to enter the area he/she wants to search, along with his preferences such as nightlife, breakfast, and other activities to do. The flexible filters include distance, open now, and the places you have been to in order to narrow down your search. You can tap to view additional details, including ratings and photos. In addition, you can always add the location that you like to your list.

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Google Maps

When it comes to finding one’s way around, who doesn’t know about one the best travel apps of all; Google Maps? You can get the best route with Google Maps, which supports automatic re-routing based on live traffic updates and road blockages. In addition, you can find information about businesses and the restaurants which are open. In case you are having problems with the internet, you can download maps of the area in advance and use them to navigate around.

XE Currency

One thing that is often overlooked by travelers is the exchange rates. XE Currency is a currency converter and money-transfer tool which allows you to determine the exchange rates quickly and efficiently. You can type an amount in one domination and see the results in as much domination as you want. In order to add another currency, you can tap the editing icon and search for the one you want. You can also use the charts function to see how the rates between the currencies fluctuate. In addition, you can transfer and receive money all over the world, thanks to the app’s global transfer functions.

Guides by Lonely Planet

While traveling to a new place, the presence of a tour leader is a must. Guides by Lonely Planet are city guides that are easy to use and operate. All you need to do is to download the city you are visiting and swipe through the Eat, Sleep, shop, and play options. The nearby and recommended results draw up; you have an idea of how to get expert ideas this way you can easily look up the recommended parts as well as filter by price and activity type. The user can tap any activity or location to view a detailed description along with saving your favorites for a better service.

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If you are a traveler, you understand that translation is a part of the whole transition process. In order to understand and comprehend the foreign language, the help of a reliable translation agency is a must. All you have to do is to type and speak your chosen language. The expand feature will allow you to display the results in order to show you the locals you are going to communicate with. The iTranslate app Phrasebook is also a handy way to look up terms as well as improving some common expressions and questions in their own native language.

The Last Word the Best Travel Apps for 2021 and 2022

Travel and recreation are two of the most commonly chosen passions of people throughout the world. Gone are the days when a traveler had to search for people and connections in order to stay at a hotel overnight. This is an era of mobile apps and the developers of these apps know this too, which is why special apps have now been designed to cater to the traveler’s appetite. With these amazing travel apps in place, one can be sure of a hassle-free, trouble-free, and enjoyable trip—irrespective of the destination.

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