Dishes for a Modern Passover Seder Dinner

by Aria Akachi
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The Passover Seder is a Jewish family tradition steeped in tradition. There are many fine points that must be followed for your Seder. But when it comes to choosing the dishes to be served, there is room to update some of your dishes to create a more modern Passover Seder.

We will bring you some modern takes on classic Passover dishes. Try a new cocktail or matzo-based chocolate bars to soothe your taste buds. Experiment; but still serve those  traditional dishes like smoked fish, matzo ball soup, and more.

Tradition Meets Modern

You might be wondering how these recipes will be different from the ones that we see with the menus in Passover programs! The thing is, we brought down some of the finest cuisines for you! Regardless of what kind of traditions you follow, there are dozens of options available for you from classic matzo ball to flourless cakes, short ribs, brisket, and more. All eight days will go with smoothness in selection.

Before you doze off those Haggadahs, sit off on your recliners, grab a pillow, prepare the Elijah drink for a good session and read on to the listed Passover recipes. These dishes will be a perfect mixture of how you can bring the touch of taste and tradition together in your Seder meal. From complimenting the dish you already serve each year to providing something new in your family’s meal, we have it all.

Let’s get started:

Red Sangria:

Red Sangria: With the standard glass of Manischewitz, you can either pass it around or with the same red wine fruity sangria can be prepared. Since the sweetness level is high in Manischewitz, make sure that you are not putting additional sugar into the mix.

Smoked Salmon Plate:

Platter of smoked salmon: now that you have sorted the section of drink, it would be best if you now move towards setting up your platter. What could be a better option than a show-stopping salmon plate along with red onion, cukes, tons of shmear, and tomatoes. You can put matzo instead of bagels to keep the toppings in the right place.

Matzo Balls

Matzo ball soup: Instead of a traditional matzo ball soup, try a meat-free vegetable broth or a spiced with out of the ordinary seasonings.


Instant pot dinner with salmon: if you have friends coming over for Passover Seder then bring in the usage of the instant pot where you can cook a complete meal using steamed fish, veg, and potatoes.

Beef Tenderloin or Pot Roast

Roasted beef tenderloin with French onion: feeling more classic than brisket? Bringing in thyme-crusted tenderloin to deliver you much more than what it looks. You might find this delicious recipe to be more than it’s worth. The only thing to keep in mind here is that there is no butter or you can replace the same with a dairy-free substitute.

Instant pot roast: since the modern-day trend includes a lot of instant pot, it’s time to embrace the same. With the usage of this nourishing pot roast, you can have more veggies in this.


Kofta kebabs: these kebabs will come in your under plate within 6 ingredients only. But don’t underestimate these ingredients since they come with pretty intense flavors from cinnamon to basil with a full aroma. For the dressing, you can use tahini and that can also be left out based on the food preferences of your family during the Passover.


Creamy Vegan Risotto with Asparagus and Quinoa: most people get the quinoa wrong since it is not a grain but a seed. Hence you can use it with the risotto to obtain a creamy with the ingredients like almond milk, beans, and cauliflower.

Image by mmalcom1 from Pixabay


Waffle iron latkes: here you will be giving the traditional latke a modern touch by cooking them in a waffle iron and then putting delicate toppings such as crème Fraiche and apple butter or Greek yogurt and pomegranate.

A More Modern Passover Seder Dinner

We hope you enjoy this take on some of the traditional Passover Seder dishes with these suggestions for a more modern Passover Seder dinner. Chag Pesach Samech!

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