Ten Reasons You Should Travel South Africa

by Feline Spijkerboer
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travel south africa

Travel South Africa; it’s one of the fascinating countries on earth. With a wide variety of landscapes and different cultures, this country has so much to offer. Whether you are looking for an adventures trip, a quiet family holiday or a vibrant vacation, South Africa has everything you are looking for. There are endless reasons why you should visit this incredible country!

The ten reasons listed here are just a few of them, but for me, they are the most outstanding.

1. Country Diversity

South Africa is one of the most diverse countries you can travel to. Its diversity is not only limited to a wide variety of beautiful landscapes. South Africa is diverse in many ways. Within one day you can drive through a lively metropolis, a quiet coastal village, and remote landscapes. You can have breakfast in a Western-style luxury resort, lunch in a crowded but cozy food market and dine in a typical African rondavel with locals. In this country, you can scream from the top of a mountain and an hour later, lay on a beautiful beach. Within this diversity of nature, people, culture, food, landscapes and traditions, South Africa is stunningly beautiful and definitely worth a visit.

2. An Intense History

The history that defined South Africa as the country it is now is intense. From early colonization, and the settlement of the Boers, through British imperialism and frontier wars, to Afrikaner nationalism, apartheid, and racism, the history is complex. By diving into the history of this country you can begin to understand South Africa and its inequalities a lot more. It is not lighthearted, but it is fascinating to discover how this country became the way it is.

Traveling to South Africa without learning about its history makes you miss an important part of this country. So pay a visit to Robben Island, follow the story of one of the former inhabitants of District 6 and spend some time in the Robben Island Museum and the District 6 Museum. It will open your eyes and result in a better understanding of South Africa and its people.

travel south africa

Visits to the Robben Island and District 6 museums will lend a good understand of South Africa’s history.

3. Delicious Food at A Braai

South Africa has, in my opinion, the best food in the world. With influences from all over the world, it collected the best of every cuisine. The real focus of the South Africans lies within the Braai though. The barbecue skills of this nation are simply extraordinary. Although it is known that eating too much meat is bad for the environment, you have to make sure you join a real South African Braai while you are there. Even as a vegetarian you can just bring your vegetables. The meat is delicious in this country, but the concept of Braai-ing is way more than just eating. It is a social thing, a coming together with friends. Stand around the braai, enjoy your beer, make plans for the weekend. So make some local friends and get yourself an invite to a real South African braai!


Enjoy grilled meats at a braai, the South African version of a barbecue.

4. Safaris: The Big five

South Africa is famous for its wildlife. A group of elephants may walk towards the setting sun which spreads its red light over the fields before you. Yes, if you visit South Africa you have to go on Safari! With many game parks and private reserves, the options are countless. The Kruger National Park is South Africa’s best-known park for safaris, but the others offer you an equally incredible experience. Go and try to spot the elephant, lion, rhino, leopard, and buffalo, which are known as the African Big five.

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s best known, but not the only place, for a safari.

5. Outdoor Paradise

South Africa is a true outdoor paradise for adventure lovers. Hiking, cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, paragliding, surfing; the list does not stop! If you like being outdoors, feeling the adrenaline rush through your blood, you will love South Africa for sure. The opportunities this country has to offer are limitless.

Surfing is just one sport you can enjoy on the coast.

6. Great weather

The weather in South Africa is amazing. Depending on where in the country you go, you can find your perfect climate. The country lies in the Southern Hemisphere, in a subtropical region.  The triangle-shaped country has the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east, with high altitudes, and cooler temperatures, in the interior plateau.  Do I need to say more?

Great weather means enjoying the outdoors throughout South Africa.

7. Cape Town – Voted Best City in the World

Cape Town has been listed “best city in the world” by several travel magazines lately. Personally, I totally agree. This city alone is already a great reason to travel to South Africa. The lively city bowl is enclosed by the Table Mountain nature reserve, which offers great hikes to escape the city life. The variety of beaches offers you opportunities from sunbathing to snorkeling with seals to surfing. In town, there are countless little cafes and restaurants with the most delicious food. This mother city of Africa is definitely worth a visit.

travel south africa

Cape Town has enjoyed many kudos as a “best city in the world.”

8. Wine Regions

South Africa is renowned for its wine culture. With over 800 wine farms, this country is one of the top producers of wine in the world. Travel to the wine routes in the Western Cape and taste some top quality wines. Visit the wine farms and take a cellar tour to learn more about the production. But above all, sit down, relax and enjoy your glass of wine.

wine travel south africa

There are five wine regions in South Africa, producing a wide variety of red and white wines.

9. Multi-Cultural

With eleven official languages and several influences from cultures all over the world, South Africa is one of the most multicultural countries on earth. It is not without reason that they call it the Rainbow Nation. From the traditional Xhosa and Zulu culture to the influences brought by the European settlers, South Africa is home to a wide variety of vibrant cultures. Each group brings in its own tradition, skills, art and cuisine, resulting in a unique multi-cultural society.

South Africa offers glimpses of diverse cultures.

10. A Relaxed Lifestyle

If you travel South Africa, you’ll feel how the pace of your life slows down. The lifestyle in this country is more laid back than in the Western world. Instead of stressing about schedules and rushing from appointment to appointment, South African people take their time for everything. This can be a little frustrating sometimes as things will not always go very efficiently. So take a breath and relax. Once you get into it, you will feel the relaxed atmosphere and come to appreciate it. Slow down, take your time and enjoy life in South Africa.

Travel South Africa

There are countless reasons why you should travel to South Africa. I’ve tried to show you the most outstanding reasons this country is like a magnet to me. I am sure you will love South Africa—it’s just up to you to discover what you love most about it.

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