5 Money-Saving Travel Apps

by Jeremy Ambrose
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money-saving travel apps

Traveling is an enriching experience, but without sufficient planning, it can turn pretty costly. Luckily, technology is here to help us out. Money-saving travel apps help you find the best prices and reduce various expenses while enjoying top accommodation and services. Let’s take a closer look.

Mobile applications are great for entertainment. You can play fun online games, read your favorite magazines, or tune your photos. But lots of apps also serve more practical purposes. For example, money-saving travel apps for road trips can save you time, money, and hassle on your next trip. Every experienced traveler knows that getting the best deals and keeping an eye on the expenses is crucial to get the best out of your journey. So before embarking on your next adventure, think ahead and download some nifty apps to your smartphone. But with thousands of available apps, which ones should you choose? To help you make the selection, check out our best travel apps list. These are the five applications that every backpacker, tourist, and globetrotter should use. Let’s dive in.

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1. Best Travel Apps for Great Accommodation Deals –  Hotels.com

Did you know that Hotels.com is already 29 years old? This longevity of a site is a clear indication of thousands of satisfied travelers using it. And now, you can conveniently use their services via an app. This little helper in your smartphone stands out among other travel apps for hotels with its easy-to-read maps and a clean interface. There’s also an excellent loyalty program that can save frequent users a substantial sum over time. For example, if you stay in a place for more than ten nights, you’ll get an extra night for free. And check this out: you can even integrate the app with Uber for quick rides to your room from the airport or an after-hours club.

The cool thing about booking a hotel via this app is that you can get a pretty clear picture of what you’re getting. The reviews are all legit as only people who’ve stayed in a hotel can write about it. So you know you’ll arrive at the place described.

2. Tripcoin – Get a Clear Overview of Expenses

What does Tripcoin do? It tracks all your expenses and puts them into categories like activities, lodging, and food. It displays charts and graphs that you can later export to an excel sheet. That enables you to get a good overview of your average spendings. And here’s something interesting: you don’t even need a wifi connection to use the app. You can always check the app even when traveling to remote locations. Plus, the app covers over 150 currencies, so you should be covered pretty much in every country. The only problem is that Tripcoin is not on the list of travel apps for Android yet. It’s available on iOS only.

3. Hopper – Buy a Plane Ticket When the Prices Are Low

Hopper is among the best travel apps to save money on flights. It gives you an estimate of how much different flights might cost on specific dates. You can even set an alert that notifies you when your desired flight price gets reduced. You’ll see the flights in a convenient calendar view and book them with only a few clicks. It’s the perfect travel app to download if you know the tickets to your destination are likely to go higher or lower in time.

4. GasBuddy to Get the Best Petrol Deals

Anyone who’s traveling by car is interested in getting the lowest possible prices on petrol. GasBuddy is a location-based app that keeps you updated on the lowest gas prices in the area. Plus, they’ve got a super handy feature called the Gas Estimator. It puts together an estimate of how much it would cost for your vehicle to travel a specific distance. And in the world of travel apps, the best ones have great membership programs for extra perks. GasBuddy is no exception. Every time you fill up a gallon of gas, you get a 5 cents discount. It may not sound a lot, but it can save you many dollars on a week-long cross-country car trip.

5. Uber – Always Fair Taxi Service

One of the must-have travel apps for Apple, Android, or any smartphone, is Uber. You can never know the final price in a foreign taxi and whether the driver completely understands where you want to go. With Uber, there’s no such problem. You’ll get to know the exact price for your trip before you even step into the car. Plus, all the drivers get rated on the app. You can choose someone with high ratings for guaranteed excellent service.


If you’ve got the five money-saving travel apps from our list on your smartphone, your next holiday can become much more cost-effective. These money-saving apps can help on future trips or upgrade the current vacation. Plus, they help you make being on the road much more convenient and enjoyable. You don’t have to stress about finding a way to your hotel, getting you a taxi, locating the closest gas stations, etc. The apps handle these tasks for you. So try them out. What have you got to lose?

Which travel apps to save money are you using? Let us know in the comments.

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay)

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