The Best of Ghent, Belgium

by Kaylene Chadwell
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Ghent, Belgium

Belgium is just one of those places I can’t help but love. I guess it’s the cobblestone streets, fairy tale cities, tasty frites, incredible chocolate, and stellar beer. And after two visits, Ghent has to be one of my favorite Belgian cities to visit. It’s a lively, unique city with beautiful streets to explore.


Ghent is situated at the confluence of the Rivers Leie and Scheldt.

Get Around Ghent By Bike

When my boyfriend and I visited, we decided to camp out at Camping Blaarmeersen just outside the city center. It’s one of the coolest campgrounds I’ve ever been to, featuring pathways winding around lakes, beaches, and wooded areas. We rented bikes at the campground and cycled around the grounds and into the city center.

Ghent is a city made for cyclists. Throughout the city, there are sidewalks and lanes for cyclists, making it easy to hit the streets with a bicycle. There is even a lot of car-less parts of the cozy city center perfect for cycling, as long as you don’t mind the bumps of riding on cobblestone.

Ghent, Belgium

A city that is easy to walk, easy to bike.

As soon as we arrived, we picked up the free Ghent Use-It Map, which we found in a hostel downtown, although you can even download it online. It’s the perfect resource for finding can’t-miss attractions, restaurants, and bars, and even activities that are more off the beaten path. Additionally, this map helps you make the most of your time by giving you a route to follow to help you see attractions in close proximity.


And Those Frites!

The Use-It Map even led us to devouring the most delicious frites we’ve ever had. It was at Frituur Josef, a freestanding vendor located in Vrijdag Market. We sat on a bench in the square and were utterly speechless over these fried masterpieces. I still drool whenever I think about how incredible these frites were. I couldn’t go back to Ghent and not get frites from this vendor—seriously—they are life changing.

Frietes take center stage in Ghent, where they come with mayonnaise. (These, from Frituur Josef.)

Belgian frites, or frietes, take center stage in Ghent, where they come with mayonnaise. (These, from Frituur Josef.)

Ghent By Day…and Night

Even roaming around the streets of Ghent is lovely. We especially enjoyed walking down Graffitistraatje Gent, an alleyway covered head to toe with graffiti and has been a legal spot for it since the 1990s. It’s bright, eye-popping, and always changing.


Don’t miss the ever-changing Graffitistraatje Gent.


One of the ways to really see how beautiful this city is to go up in the Belfry of Ghent, the tallest bell tower in Belgium at 91 meters tall. At the top, you get views of the city centre surrounding the bell tower on all sides. The walk up to the top will help you burn off all those frites, beers, and chocolates you have to indulge in while in Belgium.


The Belfry of Ghent.

ghent-belgium-5Ghent’s nightlife is another element to love about this city. There are countless unique, cozy bars all over the city. There’s even an area of town known as “Party Square.” You have plenty of options when it comes to places to enjoy a beer or two… or three.

This Belgian city has a lot to offer. I’ve visited twice and would love to go back again and again. Ghent’s delicious food, fun nightlife, unique attractions, and beautiful views make it not only a top destination in Belgium but also in Europe. It’s one you simply don’t want to miss out on.

Ghent, Belgium

Travel writer Kaylene Chadwell in Ghent.

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