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by Emily Lamp
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visiting brisbane australia

There are so many things in Brisbane that attract tourists to explore this capital city of Australia; from fleecy creatures to the ancient residences. However, touring the city could be more problematic and expensive, especially if you are new there and you have no tour director on your side to lead you. Therefore, you need a touring guideline that you will follow-up to make your visit exclusive and cover every site in the city with ease.

However, through thorough research, below is a guide on the things to see and do in Brisbane that will direct you throughout your visit. Besides, plan well on your budget since this city is costly so that you can thoroughly enjoy the natural facts of Brisbane.


Have a Look at the Roma Street Parkland

See the beautiful gardens at Roma Street Parkland  with various flowers and shed trees where you can shelter yourself. Explore the forest and experience the calm weather at the premier 16-hectarein city park in the center of Brisbane.

Swim at Streets Beach

Experience fresh blue water in the modern pools that are available for visitors and residents of Brisbane. Before leaving, ensure you enjoy relaxing on the sand beach as well.

visiting bribane streets beach

Take a break at Streets Beach when visiting Brisbane

Join Brisbane Cup

Queensland Tennis Centre hosts this festival where transport is free during the festive season for everyone attending Brisbane Cup. Join in the fun.

Enjoy Koalas in their Natural Habitat

At the Daisy Hill Koala Centre you will see many koalas and have the opportunity to learn all about them. This sanctuary also gives you the chance to explore other wildlife like birds of prey, sheepdogs, and even feed the kangaroos. Enjoy daily raptor shows as well.

visiting brisbane koalas

View koalas the Daisy Hill Koala Centre

Explore the Museums of Brisbane

Free admission may help prompt you to visit the Museum of Brisbane, but premium exhibits are also worth the price. There’s art, social history and history and more to give you a real feel for the city and areas. The Queensland Museum and Sciencentre offers exhibits on science, natural history, and things Queensland.

Brisbane Dinner River Cruise

Enjoy the look of Brisbane on a night cruise and have a taste of Australia foods with massive live onboard entertainment. Take a walk on the sparkling waterfront and take some memorable photos.

XXXX Brewery Tour

Visit XXXX Brewery, Brisbane’s first brewery, take a tour and learn more about its origin and how to make beer. Stop and relax afterward for a pint at the brewery’s bar.

Enjoy City Fireworks

Celebrate with fireworks over the night sky in Southbank, Brisbane. Stop for a great meal and drinks before or after and make use of river views as you enjoy the firework that lightens the sky.

visiting brisbane australia

Colorful fireworks over the night sky in Southbank, Brisbane, Australia

Have a Fantastic Swimat Wynnum Wading Pool

Take your kids here and let them swim and play around on seashore at Wynnum Wading Pool. Enjoy excellent fish and chips in the Wynnum.

Hiking in Brisbane

Brisbane and the rest of Queensland is a hiker’s dream. There’s a choice of best hiking spots, but one of Brisbane residents’ favorite is Mt. Coot-tha. It’s one of the best spots to view the sunrise, and the good news is that you can also drive to the top.

Another favorite is Springbrook National Park. Come with a camera!

Under the Twin Falls in the Springbrook National Park

Do Some Window Shopping at Queen Street Mall

Enjoy extreme shopping or even just some window shopping at Queen Street Mall.

Go to the New Farm Park

Settle on the artificial green grass and experience the beautiful shore breeze at New Farm Park. The park was designed by Albert Herbert Foster and built from 1914 to 1950 by Gladwin Legge & Co. It’s on the Queensland Heritage Register Also, watch the CityCats and play other games like football as you relax. On your way to the city from the park, take a walk along the river.

visting brisbane, new farm park

Visit New Farm Park in Brisbane

Trip the Old Lift Up City Hall’s Clock Tower

Get a free raise to this tall building and see the fantastic City Hall Clock Tower from the top.

Survey the Sherwood Arboretum

Have a picnic on the green grasses of the Sherwood Arboretum, move downhill or even relax on tree shed and eat your snacks. After that, enjoy some  ice cream!

Experience Gaming at Vault Games

Brisbane’s Vault Games is a city landmark gaming store that offers an evening of fun and the opportunity to bring home a unique board or card game, or add to your collection of miniatures, figurines, role-playing gear, and trading card games.

Visiting Brisbane in 2020 and Beyond

Australia is a beautiful place to visit with great things to see and do in Brisbane. While Brisbane can be an expensive city to visit, good deals are available. Whether on a budget or looking to make your visit luxurious, selection of travel companies, accommodations, and food choice is essential. The city has many historical sites with information about ancient aboriginal history and contemporary aboriginal cultural.  All these are to inspire and entertain you on your visit.

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