Sustainable Travel in New South Wales Australia

by Emily Lamp
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sustainable travel new south wales

Sustainable travel in New South Wales comes in different ways; engaging in wildlife and nature conservation, supporting aboriginal culture and local artists, learning more about the local cultures and products, and much more. New South Wales boasts of being the oldest state in Australia and is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities. New South Wales has great attractions to offer visitors in wildlife, culture, history and physical features, such as beautiful landscapes and mountains. When it comes to sustainable tourism in New South Wales, the idea is more than just visiting and enjoying what the area has to offer. Visitors should strive to add value to the places they visit and to themselves.

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Let’s see some tips on how you can travel in New South Wales sustainably.

Stay at Nature or Wildlife Conservancy

Most of the luxury accommodations in New South Wales are in conservancies, and actively support the conservation of the natural environment and the beautiful landscapes. Most of these public and private lodges support the natural environment and wildlife conservation by encouraging guests to engage in their conservation activities.

For example, the resorts in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area are built to blend with the natural environment. You can also choose to live in the treehouses for rent during your holidays in NSW as a way of promoting positive interaction with the natural environment. These lodges also have efforts to conserve the environment by reducing their carbon emissions, and being part of it is a considerable contribution towards sustainable tourism.

Aboriginal Culture and Support For Aboriginal Artists

New South Wales and the larger Australia is rich in the history of the Aboriginal people who live in the continent. Some of their art dating more than 50,000 years and back is still on display in some of the museums in New South Wales. Visiting these museums allows you to understand the Aboriginal people’s culture and support their research efforts. There are also private Aboriginal art centers where local artists exhibit their art as a way of expressing their cultural beliefs. Interacting with these artists will enable you to hear their stories and learn about their culture through art. The new knowledge can help you see art in a broader perspective.

Try Local Natural Products

You can support organic farming by staying at a hotel that nurtures local communities sourcing naturally grown local products. Sourcing locally grown produce creates demand for naturally grown products as a way of eliminating the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Some of the lodges also offer cooking lessons about cooking seasonal dishes using what is available, especially the local organically grown products. Such an experience is an inspiration for healthy eating and support for organic farming.

Connect With Wildlife in Their Natural Habitats

One of the most exciting things about sustainable travel  in New South Wales is wildlife tourism. The area is has a variety of national parks where you can connect with different wild animals in their natural environment. For example, a tour to Lord Howe Island will give you the experience of an untouched destination full of unique attractions.

The island is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site due to its natural attractions that have experienced very little human interference. The Island’s marine park is home to more than 500 fish species and 90 coral species. Visitors enjoy glass-bottom boat rides to see the fish, turtles in their natural habitat, or you can have a closer look when hand-feeding fish at Ned’s beach. The island is also dedicated towards the protection of rare fish species from extension due to over-fishing practices.

Sustainable Travel in New South Wales

New South Wales is a travel destination with all you may need to make your travel enjoyable as a nature lover. The list of attractions is extensive plus there are a lot of ways in which you can add value to environmental conservation through the travel decisions you make in choosing your accommodation places and the places to visit. The above tips in this New South Wales travel guide will help you make better decisions to promote green travel.

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