New Jersey Eateries All Foodies Needs to Try

by Kerianne Vianden
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New Jersey, sandwiched in between the iconic cities of New York City and Philadelphia, has a booming food scene that rarely receives the credit it deserves. As a lifelong “Jersey Girl,” I’m committed to convincing people that our fare at New Jersey eateries ranks among some of the best in the country. Not to mention, our pizza is better than New York’s!

If you’re in the Garden State, perhaps catching a Giants game or surfing waves at the Jersey Shore, make the most of your experience and get a meal worth raving about. These local businesses are a handful of the tastiest eateries around the state!

Lovin' Oven tacos

Chickpea tacos from Lovin’ Oven in Frenchtown, New Jersey (Photo by Kerianne Vianden)

Lovin’ Oven – Frenchtown

If you’re a brunch enthusiast (and I mean, who isn’t), Lovin’ Oven is the perfect spot for a relaxing meal in the quaint area of Frenchtown. A cozy spot filled with an abundance of plants and outdoor seating, this farm-to-table restaurant offers colorful plates including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

The huevos rancheros on the breakfast menu with fried eggs and their famous black bean chili will have you feeling light and fueled the whole morning. If you have a sweet tooth, the dairy free maple oat pancakes are a must. There’s a plethora of mouth-watering options offered throughout the day, like the baja style fish tacos for lunch and roasted herb polenta for dinner. I eat meat, but their vegan tostada with fresh mango will sway me!

Lovin’ Oven specializes in comforting meals that won’t weigh you down throughout the day. But if you need an extra boost at brunch, there’s plenty of coffee to go around!

Loving over new jersey eateries

Black bean chili with sweet potato biscuits from Lovin’ Oven (Photo by Kerianne Vianden)

The Committed Pig – Morristown

Two words: grilled. cheese. When a menu has an entire section dedicated to these gooey sandwiches, you know it’s going to be a good meal. The garlic avocado option is packed with muenster cheese, garlic butter, avocado, sun dried tomato pesto, AND a heaping side of waffle fries.

However, The Committed Pig is truly famous for their award-winning burgers, one of the best of New Jersey eateries. Specifically, the burgernut: a cheeseburger nestled in between a soft glazed donut. A necessity for foodies across the country! The fun doesn’t stop there, other burger toppings include mac and cheese, and even pork roll (okay, or Taylor Ham) plus a fried egg on their Good Morning platter.

Their flavor-packed fare hasn’t disappointed the likes of writers at The New York Times or Thrillist, so it definitely won’t disappoint you. Head to one of their locations in Morristown, Manasquan, and Summit to become committed to The Committed Pig.

grilled cheese at New Jersey eateries

Grilled cheese with sun-dried tomato pesto and smashed avocado from The Committed Pig in Morristown, New Jersey (Photo by Kerianne Vianden)

Montclair Bread Co. – Montclair

While you’re in North Jersey, Montclair Bread Co. has to be on your bucket list. A “bread bakery with a doughnut addiction,” this hybrid shop makes the best artisan bread, pastries, and of course, their widely-loved doughnuts.

The nearly three-inch tall doughnuts are the talk of the town. The nutella option is stuffed with, you guessed it, gobs of creamy nutella that will have your cravings satisfied. Montclair Bread Co. has several other unique options, such as their fruity pebble and maple bacon doughnuts.

To wash these monster-sized pastries down, there’s plenty of teas and lattes at the cafe to choose from. No matter what you choose, your morning is going to be off to a great start.

doughnuts at New Jersey eateries

An array of doughnuts from Montclair Bread Co., including their nutella and fruit pebble specialties. (Photo by Kerianne Vianden)

Steaks Unlimited – Seaside Heights

Whenever I tell people I’m from New Jersey, they usually say, “Oh, like the TV show?” Yes, like the MTV hit ‘Jersey Shore.’ Not only do we have Snooki and JWoww, but some of the best food around.

Seaside Heights is home to Steaks Unlimited, a old-school joint painted bright yellow with classic checkered floors. Situated right across from the boardwalk, this dive is a perfect place to grab a sandwich after tracking down The Situation. The most iconic thing on the menu is the Seaside Tony, which isn’t just your average cheesesteak. They swap simple slices of cheese for their iconic fried cheese balls, packed in the hearty sub along with peppers and onions.

Fear not, you don’t have to wait until beach season to grab one the best cheesesteaks along the water. Steaks Unlimited is open all year round!

New Jersey cheesesteaks steak unlimited

The “Seaside Tony” cheesesteak from Steaks Unlimited in Seaside Heights, New Jersey (Photo by Kerianne Vianden)

Dogtooth Bar & Grill – Wildwood

Keep heading south along the shore until you can’t go any further. There you’ll find Wildwood, a lively beach town with lots of phenomenal eats. One of my favorite of New Jersey eateries to grab lunch is Dogtooth Bar & Grill, a casual hangout where everyone is welcomed, even dogs!

Along with the usual pub fare, Dogtooth keeps their menu interesting. For an appetizer, try their Irish clams and bacon, steamed in Irish Black Lager, roasted garlic butter, tomatoes, and bacon. In addition to being a fan favorite, the creamy crab soup is award-winning. Seafood lovers have to try this creamy bisque with jumbo crabmeat and corn. There’s no better place to get it than right by the water!

My favorite part about Dogtooth are all the options. They offer the Beyond Burger, a 100% plant-based burger with the toppings of your choosing.

Every Wednesday there’s acoustic jam sessions along with live bands on the weekends. Grab a pint, some loaded fries, and rock out at Dogtooth!

For such a small state, New Jersey has a plethora of heavenly destinations for even the pickiest foodie. Whether it’s gourmet grilled cheese or vegan tacos, get your fix over on the East Coast.

New Jersey Dogtooth Bar & Grill

A jalapeño burger with avocado, Monterey jack cheese and chipotle mayo from Dogtooth Bar & Grill in Wildwood, New Jersey (Photo by Kerianne Vianden)

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