Staying Within Your Vacation Budget

by Katie Tejada
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Staying within your vacation budget during your next trip may seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially if you’re visiting a foreign country or heading to an expensive resort town. But there are still plenty of ways to have fun while saving at the same time, so you don’t feel like you missed out on anything when the vacation is over.

When you’re traveling on vacation, it can be tempting to blow your vacation budget in order to experience all of the sights and sounds that your destination has to offer. However, there are ways to stay within your travel budget while still having the time of your life at your next vacation spot. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your wallet in check while having an unforgettable time away from home.

Track Your Spending

It’s easy to lose track of your spending while on vacation. Make sure you have a plan in place so that you can stick within your budget. Once you have your spending and saving goals set, be sure to download an app to keep track of everything or go old school with a spreadsheet where you can list all of your expenditures. It can also be a great tool for comparison and self-reflection after your trip is over. You might be surprised at how much money you spend on souvenirs and food!

Choose the Right Credit Card

Different types of travel rewards credit cards offer different perks. For example, some give you free checked bags, complimentary upgrades, or in-flight WiFi—so it’s important to think about how you want to use your card while picking one out. If a particular airline is your preferred carrier, it may make sense to go with a co-branded airline credit card that gives you extra perks when you fly with them.

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Keep a List

Always have a budget in mind. Once you’ve decided how much you’re going to spend on your vacation, stick with it and keep track of every purchase you make throughout your trip. You should include travel costs as well as food, entertainment, gifts for family and friends, souvenirs, or anything else that fits into your budget. Set an amount that you’re willing to spend and be careful about what extras you choose so that you don’t overspend.

Online Coupons

You don’t have to shell out all your hard-earned cash on a trip abroad. Did you know that many restaurants, hotels, and shopping locations offer discount coupons or promotions online? If you’re staying in a major city, chances are there are plenty of sites featuring deals on many travel destinations. Searching for these deals online before you go on your vacation can help you save a lot of time and money once you get there. That way you can feel confident going to that nice dinner while knowing you’re not breaking the bank.

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There are ways to save on quality hotel rooms to stay within your vacation budget (Photo by Mikail Nilov on

Budget-Friendly Five Star Hotels

Did you know that many five-star hotels offer cheaper rates for stays on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights? When planning your stay, see if you can take advantage of these lower rates by moving your vacation dates around slightly. If you want a but don’t necessarily want to give up five-star quality or other amenities like free breakfast and free WiFi, you can search for discount codes for some of the most popular hotels at your destination. You might be surprised how much money you can save just by checking out different websites for deals ahead of time. Get creative with your accommodation options if you want to spend as little as possible during your next vacation or weekend getaway.

Affordable Luxury Car Rental

When going on vacation, it’s always important to stay within your budget—and that includes transportation costs. It may seem out of budget to get a luxury car rental when traveling abroad because they are expensive and sometimes hard to get a hold of in certain destinations. However, it’s possible to enjoy a luxurious ride without breaking the bank. The best way is through an online travel service. You can rent from major manufacturers such as Ford and Chevrolet or opt for a classic BMW or Mercedes Benz. Some companies may even include professional chauffeur services. That means you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time worrying about transportation logistics. When you’re planning a trip, luxury doesn’t have to be synonymous with pricey. Often, it is more affordable than you think. Consider opting for luxury when renting a car at your next destination. Many companies can help find you an exotic ride for almost any price range.

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Stay Within Your Vacation Budget, and Enjoy Yourself

While all these tips are great for saving money and staying within budget on your next vacation, don’t forget that you are ultimately there to have new experiences and enjoy yourself. Leave some wiggle room for any last-minute or unexpected purchases that you might find while exploring all the unique spots your destination has to offer. This will help keep the fun and spontaneity that makes vacations so memorable.

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