Vacation Transportation Options: Getting Around Your Destination

by Shannon Flynn
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Aside from hotels and attractions, you can’t forget about how you’ll get around once you’ve reached your vacation destination. While your first thought may be to rent a vehicle, you should consider a few other options first so you’re able to save money — and even see some unique sights. Here’s a quick look at choosing vacation transportation options while on vacation.

1. Public Transportation

There’s no better way to get acquainted with a city than to use the local public transportation. If you’ll only be on your trip for a few days, you may want to look into the area’s subway or bus system. An online search will tell you how much you can expect to spend for your ride.

These fees are usually inexpensive. For example, New York City’s fare costs $2.75 each way. That’s cheap compared to what are typically pricey taxi fares in the city. Be sure to download a map on your phone so you know your stops — and remember to respect the locals, who probably don’t want people to block the turnstiles when they’re on their way to work.

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2. Rideshare Apps

Between Uber, Lyft and many other rideshare apps, you have numerous ways to call for an on-demand ride via your phone. This option works perfectly when you need a quick, no-hassle service to get you from point A to B, especially when that’s miles away. It’s also useful for travelers who are directionally challenged.

Keep in mind that ride prices depend on your location. Large cities will be more expensive, so you should prepare to shell out some cash when you take a ride in a major metropolis. However, you can always choose the app’s “pool” option, which means strangers can share the ride and the cost.

3. Bicycles

If you don’t mind a little exercise, you can always take a bike ride. This vacation transportation option provides a unique way to see the area — and when you’re in a place like Amsterdam, you’ll feel exactly like a local. Many cities offer ways to rent bikes on the street, but you should still double-check before you arrive to make sure you’ll have that option.

Remember, you may not want to ride at particular times, such as rush hour during peak traffic. It can already be confusing to navigate a new location — and you might feel even more disoriented when several other people are on the road. Instead, you may prefer to wait so you can take to the streets at your own pace.

Bike rentals for the day are a low-cost option.

vacation transportation options

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4. Rental Cars

There are certain situations when rental cars just make the most sense. If your vacation will last a week or longer, you’ll probably want a reliable way to get around the area. With a rental car, you can choose the exact vehicle so you’re comfortable. Plus, you’ll have enough space to keep your belongings.

While rental cars can be expensive, you can always take a few factors into account to make the final cost less pricey. If you’re in a European country, you should choose a more compact vehicle so you can navigate the narrow streets. It’ll also cost less money to do so.

5. Taxis

Taxis will always be available as a way for you to get around the city. It’s the best option to use when you’re in a pinch, as they can be more expensive than other transportation choices. Be sure to read up on your destination’s average fares before you go, so you know what to expect. You can try using the TaxiFareFinder to compare rates, order a taxi online or find one through the YellowCab app.

Keep These Options in Mind for Vacation Transportation Options

No one wants to spend more money than necessary on transportation when they travel. Fortunately, you can access various options on your trip, from Ubers to bikes. This way, you’ll be able to save money — and you can see the area in a whole new way.

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