Finding Perfect Travel Accommodations

by Lilly Miller

The ongoing pandemic has put off most of our travel plans for the time being. Many are still hoping to be able to spend their vacations elsewhere in a few months, or at the  leas, are planning for future trips. Changes in the travel industry may just bring about new regulation and restrictions. The hospitality industry will take note from this. Those who have experienced the crisis first-hand may steer clear of traditional hotel rooms and packed resorts, swapping them for private travel accommodation and other, less crowded options. Whether things go back to the way they were, or you’d prefer to look into other lodging options, we’ve decided to handle the research for you. Here are a few guidelines to help you find the perfect travel accommodations every time you travel, and to make the most of your stay based on your choices!

perfect travel accommodations

Online Platforms for Transparency

One of the safest, most effective ways to finding perfect travel accommodations is to rely on Google searches, or to be more specific, visit websites and platforms dedicated to travel accommodation all over the world. Think: Airbnb,, Tripping, and a wide range of other sites, ideal for checking out online reviews of previous guests, trustworthy hosts, and get recommendations based on the location you plan to visit. You can also use smartphone apps to help you find and book the needed accommodation when you’re in a hurry!

using an app for perfect travel accommodations

Think Small, but Practical

When you travel to beehive-like cities such as Hong Kong, you’re bound to spend most of your time surrounded by people and other tourists. The best way to enjoy some peace and quiet is to find the right type of accommodation that is both functional and well-furnished. In recent years, serviced apartments for rent in Hong Kong have become all the rage for versed travelers, both those who plan to stay for a few nights and those who need a longer stay.

In addition to private sleeping areas, you also get access to communal rooms such as the kitchen and the roof, designed to bring people together and help you mingle. It’s an affordable, extremely comfortable way to stay in the city in style, while also being well-connected to the rest of the region to explore.

House-sitting is on the Rise

If you’d like to live like a true local, you can find a family or another travel enthusiast eager to find a house-sitter. Then, you can either let them stay in your own home while you’re spending your vacation in theirs, or you can simply enjoy a free apartment when someone needs to be away. The same goes for pet-sitting, since you can take care of someone’s fuzzy friends and get a free stay in a foreign country, to genuinely experience local life.

Have You Tried Camping?

Spending your nights under the stars, enjoying fresh air undisturbed by traffic, and free of the city noise can be some of the most restorative travel you ever organize. Whether you decide to camp in an RV during your stay, or pack your own tent in your car and hit the road until you find the perfect spot, you can rest assured that sometimes your own creative approach to camping can be more wonderful than a fancy stay in a hotel.

Alternatively, mountain cottages for two, and remote lake houses are wonderful opportunities to practice social distancing and still get the vacation you’ve craved, away from the crowds.

camping can be perfect travel accommodations

Boutique Hotels in the Spotlight

Some travelers need specific conditions to enjoy the trip. For example, modern-day traveling nomads need access to a strong internet connection and a safe space to work without too many interruptions or distractions. As a working traveler, you can benefit from the new trend of small-scale hotels that boast the same comfort as major chains, but with the privacy and intimacy of private houses and apartments.

Boutique hotels with a limited number of rooms are also often located in quiet, well-connected districts, so that you can always reach the city center, a nearby co-working space, or a pleasant local cafe. This trend is, for instance, very popular in metropolises such as Sydney, where travelers are always welcome, and digital nomadism is on the rise.

Exchange Your Skills for Perfect Travel Accommodations

Some of the most exotic places in the world have been offering a variety of work positions to foreign newcomers in exchange for accommodation. You can find work ranging from being a receptionist, a language teacher, all the way to physical labor such as carpentry or painting. This is perfect for solo travelers with no family who like to tackle new assignments and save up on the go while getting to know a new culture.

Help Restore the Environment

Have you ever seen those wonderful organic farms scattered all over the globe, in need of some hard-working individuals? Or animal rescue centers and turtle farms looking for volunteers? Helping to restore the environment through these programs is one of the finest ways to learn about the local community, contribute with your own effort, and of course, get a free roof over your head while there.

There are many different programs of similar nature that don’t require special skills, simply health and energy on your part. It’s an ideal opportunity for nature lovers and people passionate about the environment.

Be Creative When Choosing Travel Accommodations

It may take us a while to go back to our travel routine, but perhaps it’s time to rethink our general travel plans for the future and infuse them with a little bit more creativity when choosing our accommodation. Use these tips to find the most affordable, well-equipped apartments and rooms to help you immerse yourself into the local life and make the most of your time abroad.

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