Planning Your Trip To The United Kingdom

by Jennifer Ranking
planning your trip to the United Kingdom

Home to the Queen, the United Kingdom has some of the most beautiful landmarks the world has to offer. Some might say it’s not great on the weather front, but even when the blustery winds and pouring rain come down it’s always worth the effort once reaching the famous sites this historical country provides. There are plenty of recreational activities for those who like a bit of adventure, as well as settings for the more relaxed individual. Either way, there are stacks of things to do, so to help you out we’ve noted down a few questions you may want to consider when planning your trip to the United Kingdom.

planning your trip to the United Kingdom

Trip to the United Kingdom: Am I Alone or With a Group?

Now it’s likely you’ll know this way before you plan a trip. If you’re traveling as individual or with your partner, you’ll know what you like and don’t like. If you’re with a group though, it’s good to know everyone’s best interests. In a family, for example, there are fun activities to do for everyone like visiting Harry Potter World in London or visiting the famous Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. If you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway, there are hotels from Manchester to York as well as spas for a relaxing time away for two.

planning your trip to the United Kingdom   planning your trip to the United Kingdom

How Long Am I Planning To Stay?

It’s always worth knowing beforehand how much of your time you’ll be spending in the UK when you visit. One major point to consider is whether you’ll need a Visa. If you’re from an English speaking country then one isn’t required for up to 6 months, but for those who plan to stay a while from overseas, it would be worth thinking about whether you need to fill out a UK visa application. It also helps to plan out where and when to go to visit different places, considering the distance and times of each. Transport through the United Kingdom is normally quite convenient with several methods available.

planning your trip to the United Kingdom

How Do I Plan to Get Around?

Previously mentioned, there are many convenient ways to get around the United Kingdom with several methods of transport for travelers. If you prefer to have your own space, a rent-a-car service is always available. Alternatively, each destination has services from trains to taxis. If you’re visiting one city/town at a time, traveling by train allows convenience for all popular destinations. For example, trains can go from London to Birmingham, or Belfast to Newcastle. Whatever the destination it’s sure to be available. If you’re looking for more inner city modes of transport, use the famous Underground in London for efficient traveling, or tram services within Manchester, which have tickets available to travel to any city center destination. Taxis and buses are also a suitable alternative.

planning your trip to the United Kingdom

When Do I Plan to Visit?

The weather is known as an infamous attribute of any trip to the United Kingdom. It essentially has two seasons, Summer and Winter. Each have their own benefits and faults, so get a good idea of when you plan to come beforehand. For the summer, prices are likely to be high for accommodation and flights. It has its advantages though as long days throughout the summer means there’s more time to spend out and tour and it’s known as festival season if you wish to embrace the Music culture the United Kingdom has to offer. On the flip-side, in the cold seasons, there’s a high risk of bad weather and shorter nights. However, you’ll likely find cheaper places to stay and travel costs. The time leading up to Christmas means you can indulge in Christmas markets which are large in Birmingham and Scotland.

planning your trip to the United Kingdom

What Do I Like to Do?

The United Kingdom has just about everything for everyone. For the wild individuals, there are many places to dine, dance and shop with clubbing scenes up and down the country. The likes of Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, and Cardiff all have an array of different nightclub scenes for when you’re looking to blow off a bit of steam. If you’re looking for a calmer visit for your stay, there’s famous landmarks like the famous Big Ben in London, the Lake District in Cumbria or Lochness in the Scottish Highlands to visit, plus many more.

Hopefully, we’ve covered the majority of questions you’ve been asking yourself about planning your trip to the United Kingdom. Whatever the reason for the visit to the UK, you can be reassured there’s something for everyone in cities up and down the country. Take time to research what’s available to you and you’ll be sure to have a pleasant visit, and who knows you may fall in love with it so much you’ll be looking to apply for British Citizenship in the near future!

planning your trip to the United Kingdom

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Mary Charlebois April 30, 2018 - 9:14 am

Thank you Jennifer. I’m headed to England in August. Your story was helpful for my planning.

Nancy Zaffaro April 30, 2018 - 10:32 am

So glad you liked, Mary; thank you. And have a wonderful trip to England! So much to see and do, and I’m sure you’re planning a fabulous itinerary!


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