10 Health and Wellness Tips For Frequent Travelers

by Rachel O'Conner
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tips for frequent travelers

Do you travel frequently and don’t think you have the time or resources to prioritize health and wellness? Our tips for frequent travelers will help  keep you in shape and feeling strong while on the road. All it takes is a little shuffling of priorities, smart planning, and self-motivation.

Here are ten ways to stay fit and healthy even if you just got off a red-eye!

1. Choose Hotels with Fitness Centers

Frequently, hotels with a fitness center don’t cost much (if any) more than other hotels. You have no excuses if there’s a mini gym just a few floors down, particularly if it’s open 24 hours. If possible, find photos of the gym beforehand. You don’t want to get stuck with no weights and just a treadmill that counts as a “fitness center.”

2. Sign Up for a Race During Your Trip

Whether it’s a 5k, triathlon or a full-blown marathon, signing up for a local race gives you the motivation to keep training and lets you see your adopted city in a new light. Depending on the season, there are outdoor races in all kinds of sports.

3. Stream a Yoga Video for Travelers

There’s yoga for all types of events, including traveling. These asanas (poses) are designed to help decompress your body and mind after a stressful flight. The poses are condensed, making them easy to achieve in cramped hotel rooms. You can always pick up a cheap yoga mat for under $20 if you don’t want to travel with one.

4. Take a Hike

Weather permitting, getting outside for a walk, run or bike ride is always preferable to an indoor workout. The fresh air and scenery are invigorating, and if you walk/run, you’re challenging the bones and muscles in your feet with uneven sidewalks or chipped trails.

5. Choose a Room with a Kitchenette and Go Shopping

Many travelers use the excuse that junk food is the only option. Without a stove for cooking or a decent sized fridge, how can you be expected to eat healthily? Cooking at home is almost always healthier, so when possible book a room with a kitchenette. But also …

6. Pack Nutritious Treats

If you enjoy weight training, you need to consume at least 30 grams of protein right after a strengthening session. This can be done in numerous ways, including via protein bars or protein shakes. Pack a few of your favorite bars and bring a jar of your preferred protein powder so you don’t lose muscle mass just because you’re away.

7. Check Out Local Fitness Studios for Community or Drop-in Classes

Similar to signing up for a race, you might be headed to an area with some fantastic wellness studios. This is your chance to check out kirtan chanting for mental well-being, SUP on a new river, or a variety of other classes that might not be readily available at home. Plus, you’ll meet some locals.

8. Take Turmeric and Vitamin C

A healthy, natural supplement regimen is vital for everyone, but particularly frequent travelers. You’re exposing yourself to a variety of new germs in close quarters while on a plane. Vitamin C is a staple for boosting your immune system, but turmeric is also a powerful antioxidant. It’s impossible to get all the nutrients you need via diet alone while sticking to a reasonable caloric intake. Other additions might include a general multi-vitamin, magnesium, calcium, flaxseed oil and perhaps vitamin D.

9. Start a  Journal

Whether it’s on your computer or with pen and paper, journaling is a fantastic tool for mental health. It’s where you can practice positive self-talk, goal set, and write down memorable happenings from your travels. Journaling has long been a revered way of centering oneself, and what better place to start than while you travel?

10. Enjoy Shopping Locally and Seasonally

While you grocery shop or check out the local farmer’s market, ask what’s local and seasonal in your home away from home. This will help keep you healthy and might introduce you to some brand new (to you) foods.

More Tips For Frequent Travelers

Staying healthy while traveling also requires basic hygiene checks. Prioritize sleep hygiene, which includes sticking with your bedtime habits such as sleepy time tea or legs up the wall meditation. Be extra vigilant when washing your hands, and time your flights around your natural circadian rhythm when possible. Nothing ruins a vacation or business trip like a cold or flu. A few precautions can help keep you traveling safely.

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