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by Julien Chbib
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Perhaps many people think that traveling is only about walking and enjoying. But there are many things that can complicate the route or your stay in a new country. If you are new to international travel or haven’t traveled much in the past  but plan on traveling more frequently once you’re able, these best travel tips will help.

The Fine Line of Challenging Yourself and Traveling Within Your Safety Zone

Whether you’re traveling solo or with others, there are some risks to travel that you should take into account. If your trip is for business, you cannot afford to have mishaps that result in loss of time or information, and if it is the case of traveling with children, you should be prepared for everything.

It is not our intention to scare you, because traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences that exist. You can plan to go to some exotic locations like Bali, Dubai, or the Swiss Alps.  However, there is also the risk of getting lost in a place that, in addition to being unknown, could be dangerous (your passport, credit card, or both could be stolen), you could miss a flight, have customs problems, or get sick.

Anyway, anything can happen, but those events would be much easier to resolve if you inform yourself and prepare in advance, so to support you in that, we will share with you a list of tips that will not only help you feel more comfortable and safe. on your next adventures, but also to save money and have much more rewarding experiences.

Travel Tips: Flights and Airports

1- Reservations: Book your flight at least 1 or 2 months in advance, depending on whether it is a national or international trip.

 2- Save money: Earn points and miles and exchange them for flight tickets and hotel accommodation.

3- Follow the one with the jacket or suit: People who wear a jacket, suit, or other professional business attire usually travel for business and generally know what they are doing, because they have done it a thousand times. If you are not sure about something, be guided by what they do or ask them to please explain.

Travel Tips: Thoughts on Luggage

1- Main Suitcase: Try to use a “carry on” (or a backpack of that size) to travel. Not only will you avoid having to wait for your suitcase at the airport (and sometimes paying for extra luggage or running the risk of getting lost), but it will also help you not to pack too much. Even if you plan to stay outside for a long period, you could wash your clothes and reuse them.

2- Additional Suitcase: Having a small bag or backpack that you can keep inside your “carry on” or carry on your back is important. There you can put all the things that you do not want to lose sight of or that you need to have easy access to (passport, money, cell phone, earplugs, chewing gum, headphones, etc). Try not to store many things, since having an additional space could help you when you return, to bring your purchases and gifts.

3- Shoes / Sneakers: If there is something that is essential when packing, it is a good pair of sneakers or shoes (depending on the reason for your trip). Due to the high cost of some types of transport and the fact that, even if it is a business trip, we all want to know something about the place we visit, you may have to walk a lot. So, a pair of comfortable shoes is an item that cannot be missing from your luggage.

4- Implements for technological equipment: If like many, you travel with a cell phone, laptop, camera, etc., it is necessary that you keep (especially on business trips) batteries and additional memories, as well as a power adapter.

5- Photos of luggage: If there is a problem with your luggage (although it should not if you opt for carrying on), having photos of your luggage will help you facilitate the process of reimbursement with your travel insurance, if necessary.

best travel tips for luggage

Safety Travel Tips

1- Document copies: It is essential to keep copies (both physical and electronic) of all your important documents. The idea is to always carry them by hand and leave the originals in a safe place, to avoid losing them or having them stolen. Even in the event that the latter happens, the copies will also be useful when making the pertinent reports.

2- Credit cards: Whenever possible, try to bring two credit and / or debit cards with you on your trip. So you can use one whenever you go out and keep a spare in a safe place in the place where you stay, for any eventuality. Remember that if you cancel a card due to loss or theft you will not be able to use it anymore, and problems with banks or systems abroad could also occur.

3- Take only the essentials: Carrying copies of your passport and ID, a credit card, and the right amount of cash (specific for the day and hours you will be away) should be all you need when exploring. Thus, if something were to happen, you would only lose some cash.

4- Security systems: Do not rely on the fact of carrying special belt bags or belts for travel. Thieves know they exist and if they are detected, you can give the impression that you are trying to hide something of great value or large amounts of money, and become a target for criminals.

5- Extra cash: To plan your trip well, you should calculate how much money you are going to spend and how much of that money you will need in cash. And then, it is good to consider an extra sum in cash for emergencies in the event that they rob you, or that something unforeseen arises and you cannot use an ATM, or a card in an establishment, for example.

Travel Tips for Staying Healthy

1- Vaccines: Some countries require certain vaccines to enter their territory. We know that this is a sensitive issue for many people, but if it is a legal requirement, it is an obligation to comply with it.

2- Travel insurance: Get travel insurance! This is one of the best pieces of advice someone can give you when planning your trip. Although it is something that nobody would like to have to use, it is very important in case of need.

If you get sick, get injured on an excursion, or if you have an accident, take into account that you are in a strange place (and sometimes, probably alone), where it could be very difficult to get quick assistance if you do not have insurance travel, not to mention the thousands of dollars it can cost for medical care and / or treatment.

However, travel insurance is not only for medical emergencies Since, if your flight is canceled and you have to stay an extra night, or if your belongings are stolen, your suitcase is lost, your work equipment is damaged, etc., you can be covered and backed with travel insurance that does not It will cost you almost nothing compared to all the expenses that you would have to run in this type of situation if you did not have it. Therefore, we faithfully believe that it is one of the best investments you can make.

3- Emergency Kit: It is important that you always carry a small kit, especially if you take medication permanently or if you have any medical condition that can affect you suddenly. In addition to this (and especially if you travel with children), it is always good to carry basic things such as aspirin, antacid, antibacterial solution, band-aids, etc.

4- Sunscreen: Even if you are not going to the beach, it is very important that you use sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. If you don’t use it, not only do you harm your skin, but you run the risk of heatstroke and spoiling your trip.

best travel trips culinary enjoyment

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Enjoy the Travel Culinary Experience

1- Try everything: Unless you know for sure that it is something that is going to hurt you, try to try everything you can, of the gastronomy of the place. Do not allow yourself, out of doubt or fear, to miss out on experiences that you may never live again, so close your eyes and bite! And if you don’t like it, just bring it down with some water and the matter settles.

2- Water bottle: Always carry one with you, especially in places where you cannot drink tap water. And in those countries where tap water is drinkable and safe to consume, you could choose to carry a reusable bottle and save money.

3- Snacks: Always carry salty and sweet snacks in your backpack when you go on an excursion. This way you will avoid buying them at tourist sites, where they usually cost a lot more.

4- Places to eat: Try the street food. It is also a very good idea to ask the locals where you can eat something native, delicious, and also cheap.

5- Do not overdo it: Take into account that buying the 3 daily meals on the street can be very expensive (and I’m not just talking about money). Try to make a small supermarket of basic things like bread, cheese, cold cuts and fruits for your breakfasts, and occasionally take a sandwich made by you for lunch. You’re not just going to give your pocket a break, but your stomach as well.

6- Treat yourself: Not everything should be savings, so before you travel, find out which are the best restaurants in the city. If there are some highly recommended (although a little expensive for your taste), you could make a reservation for a special night. Surely you will try delicious things and they may even have a show included.
However, if dinner is not within your budget, another option could be to go for lunch, because they usually offer the same menu, only in smaller and cheaper portions.

We’re sure you’ll come up with your own best travel tips! Happy Journeys!

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